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Its been over 40 years in the making, but has it been worth the wait? The new look AFC Bournemouth crest is a winner in our eyes. It takes the current version of the crest and adds a contemporary touch without destroying the tradition of the club crest.

“The new crest wont be making an appearance on the kit until the 2014/15 season”

The introduction of a new crest can divide opinion, and the release date of the new crest seems a little odd. We are just wondering why the new crest didn’t ‘evolve’ at the same time as the new kit. The press kit states ‘To celebrate a new era in the Championship, we have evolved our club crest. The sensitive update to the iconic design encapsulates our ambition and vision as a club’. A great sentiment, but unfortunately, the new crest wont be making an appearance on the kit until the 2014/15 season. The more cynical could say that by the time comes to celebrate the new badge we could be back in League One. The optimistic, like us at TFTSE Towers, would say the new crest will be getting its first airing on the lush turf of the Emirates.

The design of the new crest is to be commended, it has been a long time coming. The original crest has been in need of a makeover for a good few years now. “When designing the evolved crest, it was important to retain key elements, including the shape of the original shield. Our new single shield design will allow easier and better use across marketing and retail items”. However, we have to say that while the new design is good, it looks like a job half done. It has the potential to be better. We would like to see the crest evolve further still.

While our opinion is obviously very important, the big question is do the fans like it, or do they even care.

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