AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Would this line-up beat Crystal Palace? We think so

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When it comes to football everyone has an opinion and we are no different. This is the line-up we would like to see in action.

We are only two games into the season and played two tough teams so I am not judging anyone too harshly, but we at TFTSE Towers think that Eddie has yet to find his favoured line-up and formation. This seems to happen at the start of every season and after a while the team settles down.

We don’t see the players in training everyday so our opinions are only based on what we see on the pitch, or who we think has potential. Also we don’t know who has a niggle or injury so we are assuming everyone is fit (apart from long time absentees). Currently AFC Bournemouth seem to be lacking a cutting-edge, lacking the cut and thrust we know they have and once again still struggling to keep a clean sheet.

How would we resolves this? Show Eddie Howe our line-up and wait for him to politely tell us to go away. Would he say something like ‘You sir are an idiot, security please remove this buffoon’. Who knows?


Anyway, back to the team. We would like to see Francis go back out on the right with Marc Wilson coming into the centre. On the left we would replace Daniels with Brad Smith. This would immediately add more pace and cut and thrust on both wings. To help protect the defence I would play a 4-1-4-1 with Ake just in front of the back four.

I would then have Surman and Cook just forward in centre midfield to provide more cover. Arter is the obvious choice but he is going to be missing, so I would replace him with Lewis Cook. On the wings I would have Pugh and Ibe adding more pace and a few tricks. If Pugh is off-colour try Fraser or Gradel. Pugh and Ibe could stay out on the wing and deliver crosses for Wilson in the middle. Alternatively they could come inside and leave space for Francis and Smith to bomb forward and provide ammunition for all three. This would leave Steve Cook, Marc Wilson, Surman, Lewis Cook and Ake providing the defensive cover when we attack.

What do you think Eddie?

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