BLACKBURN 3 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2: You can’t give teams a three-goal head start

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CHAMPIONSHIP | 23.08.2014 | ATT: 13900 | REF: Geoff Eltringham



Blackburn 1-0



Blackburn 2-0



Blackburn 3-0



Bournemouth 3-1


Steve COOK

Bournemouth 3-2



Where are we in the league?

POINTS COUNTDOWN | Played: 4 – Won: 2 Draw: 0 Lost: 2 | Points: 6




With ten minutes to go there was no hope, with nine minutes to go the fans had a consolation, with only injury time left an unlikely comeback was on the cards.

They say that the stats don’t lie, so the Cherries has 62% possession, 23 shots, 7 on target while Blackburn had 12 shots and 4 on target. But, they had the stat that really counts, 3 goals while the Cherries could only manage two. It wasn’t a good day for the Cherries, they started well, but Steve Cook was caught out, we don’t say that often, and £8m man Jordan Rhodes got time to slip the ball between Lee Camp’s legs.

“Let’s just say if that had been given against us at Dean Court, the faithful would have been abusing the ref”

Less than ten minutes later the Cherries were two behind and it wasn’t long before the Blackburn goal tally was 3 as the home side dominated possession. It could have been more as Blackburn turned the screw. The Cherries manged to regain their composure and keep the home side at bay for the rest of the half.

It was at this point we were having flashbacks of the beginning of last season with the Huddersfield and Watford results popping into our heads. Would we get a right tonking or would the game fizzle out into a convincing victory for the home side?

The second half brought with it little joy or reward for the Cherries for 35 minutes of the half. But, thanks to the man in black, even though he was wearing green, he gave the Cherries a path back into the game. How? With a very dubious penalty. Adam Smith headed into the box and wen tumbling. That must have been a big blade of grass. Was there contact? Of course there was, but it was so light I am surprised Smith even felt it, but down he went. Was it a dive? We would say yes but Smith’s reaction almost answered our question. He didn’t make an appeal for the penalty, perhaps thats why he got it.

“Tommy Elphick had a shot blocked right at the death, but it was not to be”

Let’s just say if that had been given against us at Dean Court, the faithful would have been abusing the ref, and of course singing ‘You don’t know what your doing’.

With nine minutes left, could we get a very unlikely point? We didn’t think so, but Steve Cook had different ideas and headed home a second. Surely, we couldn’t get a third and relive that magic scoreline back on whenever it was when Eddie Howe scored the winning penalty. With five minutes of injury time, there was the distinct possibility that a point was on the cards. Tommy Elphick had a shot blocked right at the death, but it was not to be.

Would it have been deserved. Maybe not, but with more shots on goal and on target the answer could easily have been yes.

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