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The Daily Echo has been clutching at straws ever since Mr Mitchell, decided he didn’t want to give the paper free access to the players and the club. Keen to fill pages the Echo has been playing a guessing game at who the new the new assistant was to be. Even after the official announcement it is still spectulating that the new assistant wasn’t first choice.

Who f**king cares, unless the Echo has facts to back up its story, why bother even writing it. The Daily Echo used to be the go to publication for AFC Bournemouth news, not anymore. All they are doing is ruining their own reputation. What they need to do is use their imagination and find a different angle, and the readers might start coming back.

It seems Mr Bradbury and Mr Mitchell had something to say on the matter as well. They issued the following on the official site.

Eddie Mitchell said, “Yet again I have woken up this morning to be told that the Daily Echo have published unsubstantiated and damaging lies on the back pages, and it seems to me they are hell bent on destroying the great feeling we currently have at this club.

“Last night I attended the most positive and constructive Fans Forum in my time here and I left the Seward Stadium feeling the fans, management, squad, staff and board of AFC Bournemouth were finally pulling in the same direction and were united in our goal to push onwards and upwards.

“Unfortunately our local paper seem to be the only organisation in this town who don’t want to celebrate that unity and the story published today regarding the interview process of our new assistant manager only proves that further.

“I do get increasingly frustrated by some of the things that are written in the local press, and this has really shocked me. Lee Bradbury

“We are delighted to appoint the man who stood out and shone brighter than any other candidate interviewed on our shortlist. Russ Wilcox was our first choice by a country mile and the board and Lee Bradbury have worked side by side ever since Fletch stepped down in our hunt to find the right man. Now we have achieved this, lets push on, get some really positive results and start climbing up the league.”

AFC Bournemouth manager Lee Bradbury also criticised the paper’s coverage of the build up and aftermath of last night’s appointment.

He said, “I do get increasingly frustrated by some of the things that are written in the local press, and this has really shocked me. If a publication isn’t privy to our interview process and can’t even get close to guessing some of the candidates we interviewed then why would they know anything about who was our first, second or third choice?

“I’ve really enjoyed the process of finding myself an assistant, and when it came down to it Russ was the unanimous decision for both myself and Tom Mitchell, who has been helping me conduct the interviews.

“It’s a very strange approach by our local paper to consistently put the club down, and I can only hope that the supporters take their stories with a pinch of salt.”

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