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HARRY ARTER has apologised to the club, his team-mates and more importantly the fans.

Arter told the Daily Echo “I let down the manager, the players and, most importantly, the supporters. I am ashamed and know I have got to start looking at myself and grow up.

“I have apologised to the manager and my team-mates and want to say sorry to the supporters and everyone else connected with the club as well. I was really upset and know for a fact it won’t happen again.

“I won’t make the same mistake again”

“I started the season knowing I had to make sure the disciplinary side of my game was better. I felt it had been in the first three games and didn’t lose my head or do anything stupid.

“What happened on Saturday wasn’t through anger or a bad attitude, it was down to immaturity. I felt I was still in control.

“I wasn’t angry that the referee had given a foul against me and it didn’t function that I had kicked the ball away. I was genuinely trying to win the ball for the tackle and caught him late.

“I have got no complaints with either booking. A few of their players kicked the ball away in the second half and there wasn’t much consistency but that is irrelevant.”

“I know actions speak louder than words but I am going to be a changed man”

“I know people will be saying I am not responsible enough and not to put me back in the team but I won’t make the same mistake again.”

“I know actions speak louder than words but I am going to be a changed man. I felt I had taken so many steps forward and have now taken 10 back.

“The spotlight is probably on me more because of my actions last season. I know I will get battered and some fans may say they never want to see me play again. But I am not going to let that bring me down and will come back from this.”


While we appreciate the aplology from Mr Arter, he was saying much the same last season. Admittedly, this is his first red card, but he really needs to take responsibility for his actions.
We at TFTSE sincerely hope that we won’t have to drag out this article again.

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