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CHAMPIONSHIP | 26.10.2013 | ATT: 23375 | REF: DAVIES |



Leicester 0-1



Bournemouth 1-1



Leicester 2-1


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The return to Leicester City was 23 years in the making, but the result remained the same as the Cherries last away day in 1990. No points and a single goal.

At least Leicester City had the decency not to produce a poorly scribed online newspaper preview. Shame really, it may well have got the desired result. No points against Leicester may not have been the desired result, but only one team has taken a single point from them at home and they had previously won their last 5. So, a team in form, looking like promotion candidates, and they only managed to win by the odd goal, which included some help from the referee and some poor defending.


The home side were keen to pick up another three points but they didn’t have it all their own way as Nigel Pearson said in his post match interview, ‘It was a tough game because they’re a decent side’. Lewis Grabban, got his seemingly obligatory early chance, but failed to capitalise, sending his shot agonisingly wide, skimming the post on its way for a goal-kick.

It took a simple cross-filed pass to begin the route to the first goal, Francis was easily outwitted, he’s not the paciest, with the ball getting passed to Nugent on the edge of the box. He turned his defender and curled the ball into the far corner, a little reminiscent of Fraser’s goal vs Millwall. Our top scorer was back in the action when a Harry Arter deflected cross nearly got on the end of his boot. Two good chances but still no goal.


With the home side looking to press home their advantage the Cherries got themselves back in the game and it was that man Marc Pugh again. He seems to like it up North. Mr Rantie, out on the wing, put the ball into Pugh in space who flipped the ball up, turned and volleyed past Mr ‘I used to play for Notts County on extortionate wages’ Schmeichel. Game on.


With 45 minutes to go could and would the Cherries keep a point, gain all three, or go home with nothing? Jamie Vardy decided that the Cherries defence weren’t up to the task and decided to tell them with a cracking run and shot past Allsop. There is no doubt that his recent sending off was on his mind as he was slow to come out and looked far too scared to make a confident and convincing save. He is low on confidence, so we say bring back the Stumpy One, or someone on loan to give the boy a rest.


With 30 minutes to go, the task at hand looked a difficult one, but not an impossible one. Well, two minutes later, the man in the middle Mr Davies decided that it wasn’t difficult enough for the Cherries to get back in a game against an in-form side, so he thought who have I booked already. After a quick glance at his book, he noticed that the tall bloke in the orange boots was already on a yellow, lets keep an eye on him.
We would say that Ward duly obliged, but his second yellow was so soft it could have been in a toilet paper advert. The Leicester player was already diving over his bright orange boot before he even got there. Out came the yellow and off he went for an early bath, perhaps he should wear some normal boots so he’d harder to spot.
This effectively put the game to bed with the home side creating a few more chances to enhance the score. Eddie Howe said afterwards its a learning curve. We know he’s right, but again the goals for the opposition were totally avoidable. It’s very frustrating, and if we could defend as well as we know we can, we could be serious contenders for a top six finish.
We’re off to write a complementary post on Bolton, stating how unlucky they have been this season. Hope they read it and think how lovely we are and will us win. Toodle Pip until next week.




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