MATCHDAY: Will the Cherries send Villa into the Championship?

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The Cherries journey into the Premier League started way back in August with a single goal defeat to Aston Villa. We dominated large parts of the games, but couldn’t get a goal and Villa did. Welcome to the Premier League.

Fortunes have changed since we played Villa in August. They have been through two managers and rooted to the bottom of the league for as long as we can remember. This is (mostly) the same team that beat us in the FA Cup last season and in the league this season.

We lost our top scorer and two new signings and things were looking bleak for a while. But, In Eddie Howe We Trust. The team rallied and we are almost there, ready for Premier League football for another season. It would take an amazing turnaround to see us go down and if you are on the lookout for points then a game against Aston Villa is the perfect opportunity. We at TFTSE Towers thought that at some point Villa would resign themselves to their Championship fate and start playing without fear. Hasn’t happened yet and hopefully it won’t happen on the 9th April 2016.



If we look at the last two games neither team has anything to smile about. Two games no points and performances didn’t offer much encouragement, again for either side. But look back a little further and we won 3 in a row. That’s 9 points out of 15 compared to 0 points out of 15.

It’s very difficult to look past anything but a win for the mighty Cherries. But, we reckon it is going to be much harder than anticipated. While Villa have been losing, they have been playing some very good teams, Spurs, Man City (we lost to both of them) and Chelsea. In fact Villa only conceded six goals against the two top four teams while we conceded seven. But, as Villa fan Stuart points out ‘If you don’t beat us – I think you should be asking yourselves? Why not. We are a mess and it’s clear for all to see’.


So, now it’s onto the inevitable stab at the final score. Being back up in that part of the world, we thought of our massive 8-0 victory over Birmingham. We are not going to be that greedy this time, I think we will just go for 7-0. As we did last time we will go from the ridiculuos to the realistic.

WISHFUL WIN: 7-0 (Gradel x2, King, Pugh, Cook x3)
HEART WIN: 3-1 (Surman, O’Kane, King)
HEAD WIN: 1-0 (King)


We hope Eddie Howe didn’t mean this literally after what Steve Cook recently said about the dressign room. It’s inevitable that we will have dips in form, but it’s how you bounce back. Here’s what Ediie Howe had to say in his pre-match interview.


We take a closer look at the stats between the two sides in the easy-to-digest form of infographic courtesy of KICK OFF.
A. Villa v Bournemouth Betting Tips 09-04-2016 - Kickoff Predictions.clipular
A. Villa v Bournemouth Betting Tips 09-04-2016.clipular (2)



Q. After beating AFC Bournemouth in the first game of the season the fortunes of both teams have changed. Where did it go wrong for Villa?

If we are both honest – we stole three points from you in that game. Villa replaced Benteke and Delph with many foreign unknowns which was always going to be a gamble but none of us knew what was coming. There has been an on going issue between the fans and the board for a while now and finally the media are starting to sit up and take note.

Q. Villa have beaten us on the last two occasions we played them (this season and the FA Cup). What do you think the result will be?

If you don’t beat us – I think you should be asking yourselves? Why not. We are a mess and it’s clear for all to see.

Q. It could be said that a lot of Villa players have underachieved this season. But, who should we look out for on matchday?

Jack Grealish played a cameo on his return from injury against Chelsea (another awful performance). He looked bright and like he wanted to prove a point so watch him.

Q. Which AFC Bournemouth player do you think would/could/might get into the Aston Villa matchday squad?

Is all of them on offer? Players who are prepared to battle and fight for themselves and the fans.

Q. How do Villa fans perceive AFC Bournemouth?

We look on and admire what you have done as a club with a young British manager. It’s what football should be about. I just hope you don’t become a club all about money.

Q. If Villa lose they are almost certain to be relegated. How do you think you will fare in the Championship and who would you like as your new manager?

David Moyes. We need someone who will unite the fans and I think all other options would keep us split.
I’m quite looking forward to a season out the top league – where money isn’t everything! Of course I hope we bounce straight back but ultimately it depends on who our manager is and how he changes the squad in the summer.


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