Moneyed Bournemouth: A recipe for success

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This is a quick post for the management and supporters of any team who seem to think we are the richest club in League One.

Admittedly, we have a Russian billionaire (?) on board, but no-one knows exactly what his input is. So, any comments or thoughts on his investment are completely speculative.

The facts are that Bournemouth sold a lot of their best players for a very good price. Like many clubs, we have sold players and made a profit, allowing us to invest in new players.

Lee Bradbury is quoted as saying on the official site back in January “We sold a few players for a considerable amount of money and we are still spending the proceeds from that nothing extra has been put into the transfer kitty.”


Incoming  (approx. figures)

Brett Pitman – £800, 000
Danny Ings – £1,000,000
Liam Feeney – £200,000
Anton Robinson – £250,000
Josh McQuoid – £500,000
Eddie Howe compo – £200,000 (?)
Marvin Bartley – £350,000
Danny Hollands – Free
Jason Pearce – £500,000
Rhoys Wiggins – £250,000
TOTAL: £4,050,000

Outgoing (approx. figures)

Wes Thomas – Free
Wes Fogden – Free
Charlie Sheringham  – £25,000
Stephan Zubar – Free
Matt Tubbs – £800,000
Donal McDermott – £175,000
Charlie Daniels – £200,00
Steven Cook – £170,000
Simon Francis – Free
Shaun McDonald – £150,000
Steven Gregory  – £50,000
Scott Malone – £150,000
TOTAL: £1,720,000

These figures may not be totally accurate but even  a halfwit like me can work out the simple maths here.

£4,050,000 – £1,720,000 = £2,330,000

A profit of over £2,000,000  (which probably went to paying off legacy debts)

So, to anyone who has a quip, complaint or a simple case of jealousy, try investing in players for the future. And, when you sell them, sell them for more than you paid for them. This equals a profit which can be reinvested in the team. Try it, it might just work.

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