JIMMY QUINN: Still producing the same old shit football

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Just when you thought that the corner had finally been turned (optimistic lot here at TFTSE) Quinn and co revert to type. Another gutless display liberally doused with plenty of shit defending.

How many times have we seen goals from free headers. It seems we simply cannot get it together to defend simple set pieces. This is not a problem particularly specific to Quinn. Bond’s teams were equally inept at corners with Josh Gowling quite keen on giving a goal away.

Quinn told the Daily Echo, “We lost because we gave away two bad goals,” said Quinn. “They were identical and the guy had two free headers.

“You don’t mind a team scoring good goals against you but you can’t give away disappointing goals like that and expect to win games”

One other issue here Mr Quinn, look at the scoreline, 2-0. So, at best we could have got a draw. To win games you need to score goals and yet again, we didn’t quite manage it.

Note Bradbury back up front and more of the good old hoofball. Hasn’t worked all season so why think that it would this time. Get back to playing football, pass and move, remember we won when tried that. It’s not rocket science, work it out you fucking useless, clueless pair.

Surely time for Mr Roach to take a bow, because we desperately need someone.

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