TOKELO RANTIE: Where are you? What are you doing?

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AFC Bournemouth’s missing man Tokelo Rantie is apparently looking for a move away from the club.

We can’t say we are surprised, he hasn’t played for the first team for as long as we can remember (if you want facts check the Internet). He wasn’t even named in the 25 for the last half of last season. So what has he been doing? Sitting on his sofa? Playing FIFA? Hanging out with his family while still getting his £X000 a week?

What we do know is that he has been hanging out at Puma and looking at football boots, so he’s not retiring just yet.

According to reports in the South African press ‘The 25-year-old‚ though‚ has set his heart on returning to South Africa‚ despite the fact it would mean a significant reduction in his earnings. He has never made a secret of the fact that he battled to adjust to life in England.
It is not that he doesn’t have options abroad. English side Leeds United‚ once home of Bafana legend Lucas Radebe‚ are just one club that have been keen to sign.’

So there’s the facts. Well, not according to Mr Rantie himself tweeting ‘@TimesLIVE all you write about is pure lies don’t sell story about me I don’t like publicity and don’t create one about me’. He also said ‘the problem is I don’t even entertain media and this guys write shit about me’ So what is the truth?

What we are pretty sure of is that he won’t be getting in the AFC Bournemouth first XI anytime soon. So, unfortunately, it has to be goodbye and good luck.

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