THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE: 17-point deduction, thank you very f**king much

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My first reaction was at least were still in the league and I will still get to watch football this season. And buying a season ticket wasn’t a waste of time.

Then I thought what a bunch of miserable fucking tossers the FL were. It’s not bad enough that they deducted 10 points last season to help get us relegated, they thought they would kick us while the club was down.

Who f**king cares about paying the Creditors, I’ve given enough money never to see it returned and I’m more than happy about that. Any way what sort of halfwit thinks investing in a football club is a great money-spinner.

Can’t be bothered to write anymore, but I’ll be back, I’m sure with a comment on Bond, the team, Mostyn, the supporters etc.

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