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The Challenge

On October 7th, three AFC Bournemouth supporters are going to pop to the pub and back.

The pub is The Skippers – in Sherbone, about 50 miles from Dean Court.

..and we’re going on our bikes.

The overall distance that we will be travelling will be approximately 100 miles – not far off the length of an average stage of the Tour De France.

None of us are Olympians, none of us have cycled regularly for many years before taking up this challenge and none of us are all that fit. In all honesty we’re pretty fine examples of the sedentary male of the early 21st century.

Make no mistake. This is going to hurt.

The Cause

We’re doing this to raise money and awareness of Huntington’s disease, the work of the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA) and provide some benefit to those in our community whose lives have been touched by this condition.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a fatal hereditary, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.

The disease destroys areas of the brain involved in movement, emotions and intelligence, with sufferers first showing symptoms of uncontrolled muscle movements, clumsiness, memory lapses and mood swings.

Over its 5-30 year terminal course the disease will progress to cause difficulty in movement, speech, swallowing, weight loss, depression and other psychological problems. Patients lose the ability to care for themselves, lose the ability to interact with those around them and in the later stages of the disease will need a great deal of care and support.

The majority of patients eventually die from pneumonia or other similar infections, although suicide is also a relatively common cause of death.

There is no cure for the condition and treatment revolves around the management of symptoms and provision of support for the patient and those around them.


The easiest way that you can donate is via our Just Giving page – or to donate £5 you can simply text PUBS55 to 70070

Support Us

The simplest thing you can do to help is to assist in promoting our challenge so that we can raise more money from more people, and to bring this to more and more peoples’ attention.

Join In

If you’d like to join us for part or all of the ride, the more the merrier. Even better if you can raise some sponsorship in doing so! However we would ask you to get in touch before you start trying to raise any sponsorship so that we can add your name to our official list of fundraisers so that both we and the HDA will be able to vouch for you.

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