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Football League One | 14th February 2012
ATT: 5412 | REF: Williamson | HALF-TIME: 1 -1


17 mins | KEVIN LISBIE | Orient | 0-1

Kevin Lisbie got to the byline and took a specualtive shot back across goal that Flahavan fumbled and directed into his own net.

37 mins | MARC PUGH | Bournemouth | 1-1

Matt Tubbs was bearing down on goal when taken out by a defender with the Cherries looking for a penalty. The loose ball fell to Marc Pugh who slotted home into the bottom corner.

75 mins | JIMMY SMITH | Orient | 1-2

Orient picked up the ball out on the left, moved forward and put in a cross to the back post where Jimmy Smith was running in to outjump the Bournemouth defence and head past Flahavan.


GOAL: D Flahavan
DEFENCE: S Francis | S Zubar | S Cook | C Daniels
MIDFIELD: D McDermott | S MacDonald | H Arter | M Pugh
UP FRONT: M Tubbs | W Thomas

ON THE BENCH: Purches, Malone, Gregory, Stockley, Fletcher
CHANGES: 78 Malone>McDermott, 85 Fletcher>Pugh


LEE BRADBURY gives his reaction:

‘We played very well tonight, the best for a long time. We had a lot of chances in there, so we need to be more clinical. There were a couple of blatant penalties. I’ve seen them on the DVD and they should be penalties.

‘One should be a red card and off the pitch. The other was hit on the arm and should have been off. We can’t go back on these decisions now, but it just drives me mad with the inconsistency.

‘We had the ball the majority of the time, I’d be interested to see the stats. Possession doesn’t win you the game, putting the ball in the net does. That’s the most frustrating thing, we didn’t really get what we deserved.’


‘I’m pretty sure it was a stonewall penalty and the referee and linesman were the only people who didn’t see it,’
‘I’ve gone through and the two players have come in and I’ve chopped inside, he’s come round my right side and tried to tackle me but he didn’t touch the ball. I’m about to pull the trigger and he’s pulled me down.
‘I saw the other centre back coming out of the corner of my eye and saw he was about to dive in and thought if I cut in on my left I could have had a free shot. I did that and got dragged down, and it was a no brainer…’

LEYTON ORIENT manager Russel Slade:

“It is a great result for us really, obviously this is a very expensive side we have played tonight and I thought we acquitted ourselves quite well.

“Of course they were going to have chances at home – they have won their last four at home – so we knew it was going to be a difficult game.

“But we got off to a terrific start, got ourselves a goal, they came back into the game and got themselves a goal, it was a horrible goal from our point of view to give away.


Before we even get started on the match here’s yet another f**king  manager who had to mention the fact that we have a  ‘very expensive’ team. F**k off Slade and take a look at some facts before you start spouting bollocks. We have one expensive player who was funded by the sales of what was effectively our whole first team.

The result was not a fair reflection of the game and it was the Cherries who were undoutedly the better team. But, it was one of those nights when the goalkeeper had a poor game as did the referee.
Bournemouth simply couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net and as soon as Orient went in front the home side reverted to hoofing the ball up front hoping to get a lucky break.It never came and the Cherries made it easy for the visitors. Next time try something different when route one ain’t working, have a Plan B


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