AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2 BRIGHTON 1: Surman scores and saves, Ibe shines and we still can’t defend corners

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First win of the season and three points. Job done. It wasn’t easy, but why would it be? Would Brighton come and make it easy for the more experienced Premier League team. Of course they wouldn’t and like any team you have to earn your points. They want points just as much as we do. But, we just had that little extra ‘magic’ that made the points ours.



The much maligned Andrew Surman put in a performance that showed how valuable he can be to the team. Did being dropped inspire him? Did the recent criticism fire him up? Whatever the reason he stepped up and gave on of his best performances we have noticed. We were not sure what was going on, but he was getting further up the field, playing balls over the top and slipping through balls in front of him. Plenty of sideway balls, but when the opportunity came he wasn’t afraid to avoid the safe option.

And let’s not forget his finish for the equaliser. The sublime back heel from Ibe was the catalyst for the goal, but it was Surman’s calmness on the ball that took the defender out of the equation, giving him time to stroke home with his left foot

He might only be the second most expensive player have ever signed, but his display against Brighton was first class. Something needed to change and when the board went up and we saw 33 on it, we were hoping it was ‘Supa’ coming on to relive the glory days.
Ibe has yet to impress. He has plenty of fancy skills but not much in the way of end product, until Friday 15th Sept 2017. He was the sprinkle of magic that opened up a stubborn defence. He was the player that frightened the opposition. Is this the player that we are going to see this season. More of the same please.

Eddie Howe has mentioned that Defoe’s teammates are still learning how he operates. For us it’s pretty obvious. Give him the ball and he will score. There is no better natural finisher than Defoe at AFC Bournemouth. He doesn’t need to think, he shoots and you can guarantee that the ball will any of the following three: back of the net, on target or very close. Get the ball to Defoe, and work on that partnership with King.


Nervous. That’s what we were every time Brighton won a corner. Thankfully they didn’t win very many. Every time Brighton looked like scoring, nothing new there. Every time any team gets a corner panic seems to ensue. We got a close-up look against Brighton and it wasn’t pretty. Eddie Howe was a pretty decent defender, perhaps he needs to think back a few years and show his current crop of defenders, in fact all the team, how to defend at set pieces. Imagine not having to cross your fingers and watch out of one eye every time the opposition get a corner.

Lack of results leads to lack of confidence, which leads to lack of bravery. And, this was very evident on Friday against Brighton. Where was the bravery when getting near the box. Too often the ball was passed on, rather passed in to the box. The first half seemed like a passing procession. Admittedly, Brightion were compact and keen, but still when rare opportunities did come there was an extra pass or two. Take a chance, put the ball in the box, something might happen. We could see Defoe getting noticeably irritated at the lack of service.
All we can say is be brave, be bold. It won’t always works, but it won’t work if you don’t try. And, remember we have Jermain Defoe, he only needs one chance, so make sure he gets it.
We will be playing teams that are far cuter and cleverer than Brighton, so we really need to start playing like the team we know we are.

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