AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2015/16 SHIRT: What do you think?

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It’s been nearly 24 hours since we set eyes on the new AFC Bournemouth home kit. Enough time to make a judgement on the first Cherries shirt that will grace the Premier League and ultimately a global audience.

They say first impressions count, and our first impression of the new shirt wasn’t exactly one packed with pride, excitement and thrilling. Nearly a day later and little has changed. We have warmed to the shirt a little more but we can’t say we are thrilled at the new design. The classic red and black stripes are still there, but its the addition and placement of the new elements that make the shirt close on ugly. The black panel and the classless JD logos hardly add to shirt.

The sponsors logo is intrusive, but I guess that’s a sacrifice you have to make when someone’s giving you around £1m. Plus, take a look at the back and it looks like its half a training shirt or bib. It looks awful

Personally, as we enter a new era in the club’s history we think we need a shirt to match and while some might think we have exactly that we at TFTSE Towers are a little disappointed. It also makes us wonder how many creatives, designers and money it took to create an at best average AFC Bournemouth shirt.

According to the official line ‘The Cherries have teamed up with JD to produce another iconic red and black shirt’. It also went on to say, ‘The kit is the first to feature the iconic JD roundel’. Surely that shoudl be the ugly shirt-spoiling JD roundel.

As we all know design is subjective. While we may not like it we are sure there will be some who do?

What do you think?

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