AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Bigger ground equals more season tickets?

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Promotion to the Premier League meant that thousands more fans wanted to come and breath in the rarefied air found at the top of English football. But, restrictions meant that the ground would have to stay the same, with just over 11,000 seats up for grabs.

Promises were made that should AFC Bournemouth be more than one-season wonders then the fans would be rewarded with a bigger ground, meaning more seats and more opportunity to get to see AFC Bournemouth. And, true to their word, the proposed plans for the south end of the ground looks set to increase capacity from 11464 to 14529.

That’s an extra 3065 seats meaning an extra 3065 tickets. It does, but the increase in capacity means we will have to give more tickets to the away team, booo. Grounds with a capacity under 30,000 have to give 10% of the ground capacity to the away team. The new capacity means that we will be giving away 1452 tickets rather than 1146 under strict interpretation of the laws.

Take into account the 7000 season ticket holders and we are left with 6077 tickets up for grabs. The big question is ‘Does this mean that AFC Bournemouth are going to release more season tickets. Could we at TFTSE Towers get a season ticket last year. No, but we had one when we were really sh*t (remember Jimmy Quinn), but we digress.

Surely the increase in capacity should see the release of at least another 1000 season tickets?

Surely the increase in capacity should see the release of at least another 1000 season tickets? Another 2000, or maybe even another 3000.
If another 3000 season tickets are released that will still leave over 3000 tickets for sale. Similar to what has been available this season. Surely that would make AFC Bournemouth fans happy. Remember, when we were back in League One we were only selling around 3000 season tickets.

If new season tickets are released, what will the criteria be to get one. Our first season in the Premier League, the two previous seasons, the last three seasons. How about the last five seasons? At least this will include when we were further down the league pyramid, when the more dedicated AFC Bournemouth fans were making their way to Dean Court. When we were losing to Hartlepool 2-1 at home in September 2011 there were only 5275 dedicated souls at that game.

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