AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Buying their way to success?

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Before we even get started, the simple answer is no. But it seems that some other Championship teams fans near the top of the league have some sort of misguided or misinformed opinion.

Success brings with it envy and the need to justify why a team deemed to be bigger and better than AFC Bournemouth are not top of the league, or at the very least above us. It’s been said more than once, as opposition fans like to point out their loss is down to the Cherries big spending. A few jealous-sounding supporters and most recently Derby followers have mentioned ‘You’ve spent a bit haven’t you’. What they need to do is look at the facts and take a closer look to home before opening their big stupid mouths.

We will start by looking at the team that lined up against Derby County to see the massive amounts the Cherries have spent.

31 Boruc – LOAN
02 Francis – FREE – Nov 11 – League One
05 Elphick – £220, 000 – Aug 12 – League One
03 Cook – £170,000 – Oct 11 – League One
11 Daniels – £200,000 – Nov 11 – League One
30 Ritchie – £400,000 – Jan 13 – League One
08 Arter – FREE – Jun 10 – League One
06 Surman – £500,000 – Jul 13 – Championship
07 Pugh – £100,000 – Jun 10 – League One
13 Wilson – £2.5m – Jul 14 – Championship
18 Kermorgant – £500,000 – Jan 14 – Championship

This team wasn’t simply bought this season, this is a team that has taken over four years to build on the back of the proceeds of player sales back in 2011/12. Check out ‘Moneyed Bournemouth: A recipe for success’ to see where it all started. We sold nearly an entire team back in 2011/12 for around £4m. They cost around £1.7m, a nice profit of over £2m.

Back to the current squad, take out the two strikers and you have a team that cost around £1.5m. How much profit did we make previously? £2m

How much was Callum Wilson? How much was Yann Kermorgant? £2.5m and £500,000 respectively. How much did we sale Lewis Grabban for? £3m. That’s how you build a team, buy low, sell high and invest.

Transfer fees are not the only costs in running a team. How do you keep these down? Dabble in the loan market. If unsuccessful the player or players can go back to their parent club and if successful there may well be the option to buy. This is when squad fees can suddenly take a steep rise. How much will Tom Ince and Darren Bent cost if Derby make it to the Premier League. £10m? £15m? More than the entire AFC Bournemouth squad that’s for sure.

But, nobody in the Championship is yet in the Premier League. So, its all about gambling? How much is Darren Bent and Tom Ince’s wages? Derby didn’t pay a fee but you can guarantee that they are not cheap. Rumours suggest around £80,000 a week for both.

We don’t dismiss the ideaology of gambling to get to the promised land of the Premiership, but just don’t tell us we are buying our way to success. Take a look closer to home and try brushing that chip off your shoulder.

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