AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Dear Eddie. We are here to help. A letter from The South End

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Dear Eddie

We know things are looking bleak at the moment for AFC Bournemouth, but do not give up hope yet. There are still 16 games to play and we only need to win six of these to get to 38 points and stay in the Premier League.

Injuries to key players have taken their toll, but they will be back soon, but until then you need to make the most of what you have at your disposal.

Currently, you seem to be a bit lost on what you need to do with the players that are fit. We don’t have all the answers, but we have put together a short five-point plan (see below) that we think, will help you get our (and your) beloved AFC Bournemouth back on track.

01. Get back to basics
We love attacking, free-flowing football, but what we don’t like is poor attacking, slow-flowing football. It’s frustrating and irritating. Rethink your formation, give it a tweak. Say goodbye to 4-4-2, say hello to 4-5-1. Win ugly has never been truer than it is at the moment. We – the fans – do not care how we get a point.

02. Stay in the game
Every team starts with a point. Don’t go gung-ho, stay calm, stay compact, stay focused, stay disciplined and be patient. If it takes 78 minutes to get a shot on goal, then so be it. Remember Chelsea away.

03. Play the players in their position
Don’t be smart, play it simple. Play players in the their favoured role, play the players in the position they are comfortable in. Nathan Ake isn’t a left-back, he’s a centre-back, so play him at centre-back.

04. Don’t play out from the back
It’s brilliant when it works, but when a team is low on confidence they become indecisive and make mistakes. Don’t let this happen, make the opposition work for ever chance. If in doubt, go long. The further the ball is away from the goal the less likely the other team is to score.

05. Be brave, drop players who aren’t performing
If a player isn’t performing, then drop them. Solanke is a striker, Solanke isn’t scoring, put him on the bench. Opinions are rife on those who should and shouldn’t play, but now is the time to tell some home truths. If you don’t know who to drop. Give us a call 🙂

Hopefully, this might help you get us back to winning ways. However, if you are ever want to talk, or you just need someone to listen, we at The South End are always here for you. You can contact us via (or ask captain Steve Cook – he’s one of our followers).

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

The South End

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