AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Hope springs eternal as we head to Old Trafford

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Man Utd away, surely there can only ever be one outcome as Jose Mourinho’s £300m plus squad take on the minnows of AFC Bournemouth’s £25m plus squad.

As our favourite pundit Mr Paul Merson said “It looks to me like the banker of the weekend. Bournemouth are letting in goals left, right and centre at the moment”. But we don’t think it takes an expert to make such a clever prediction. Every wannabe expert, pundit and Man U fan would be making the same statement. 3-0 seems to be the favoured scoreline, in favour of United of course.

The Manchester Evening News was a little more circumspect suggesting that ‘United supporters are reluctant to view Bournemouth’s visit as a gimme in spite of their defensive record’. But it did go on to say that ‘United could take a sizeable bite out of The Cherries.’


Anyone worth their ‘expert’ credentials wouldn’t dare predict anything other than a convincing win. It’s f**king easy predicting that Man United are going to win. But, we don’t claim to have any expert status and we don’t live in Manchester, Bejing or Essex and do like to watch live football. And, we don’t mean live on the telly. We are talking live where you can actually smell the grass and only ‘expert’ commentary you get is from the boring tw*t sat behind you.

The odds are against us, but does that mean you turn up at Old Trafford and simply wait for Ibrahamovic to stroll through our defence and bang in a hat-trick. Of course it doesn’t. We are both in the same league and we are there on merit.

Eddie Howe will be scouring hours of video of previous United games, working out their weaknesses and honing a gameplan to exploit those weaknesses. The harder our backs are pressed against the wall, the more we come together. There aren’t many bigger tasks in the Premier League than Man United away, but if the team don’t believe there is no point walking onto the pitch.

We believe, Eddie Howe believes and the team believe. And with a bit of luck we can walk away from Old Trafford with a point (or three 🙂 safely added to this season’s total.


There seems to only be one line-up, the same one that lined up against West Brom with maybe one exception. Stanislas replacing Pugh. Is there anyone on the bench that deserves to start ahead of the first XI that faced West Brom.

On the bench that day was Gosling, Afobe, Gradel, Smith, Stanislas, Allsop and Mousset. Who would you choose ahead of the first XI. For us it has to be Stanislas (maybe Gradel) with Gosling and Afobe coming on later when we are winning 1-0.

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