AFC BOURNEMOUTH: How they made it into FIFA16

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The life of a Premier League footballer is easy isn’t it? They get up, go training, get the afternoon off, play football on a Saturday (mostly) and get paid loads of money.

The obvious element missed here is that they have to have the talent to make it to the Premier League. Afternoon’s off and loads of money are just added bonuses. But these are not the only plus points. They get to appear on Match Attax cards and be recreated in the world’s most popular football (yes football not soccer) video game FIFA.

FIFA – The great football game ever?

It all started back in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer, but FIFA 95 was the first incarnation with a year moniker. Back then you could hardly make out the kits let alone the players. The game has evolved but you can still look at some players and think ‘Who the f**k is that meant to be?’ FIFA 16 tries once again to recreate the faces, postures and running styles of hundreds of players (What a job, wonder if they fancy giving me a job?).


Watch the video below to find out exactly how Harry Arter, Callum Wilson and the rest got their handsome faces modelled for the latest release of FIFA. But before you do ask yourself ‘How many of the AFC Bournemouth squad have appeared in the game before as a Premier League player?’ We can think of two straight away – Distin and Boruc. Are there more? We don’t know, but I’m sure there are some FIFA experts out there who do.


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