AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Ignore Rooney, Ignore Ibra, Ignore Jose and listen to Mings.

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What else is there to say about the Man United v AFC Bournemouth game that hasn’t already been said? The media have already made their judgements, Twitter has had its say and ex-referees have weighed in so its all done and dusted.

All that there is left is for the official body, the FA, to make their sanctions. I seriously hope they don’t listen to what has been said before and make their own mind up. The amount of coverage dedicated to the back pages, online and even the late night news is verging on ridiculous. Would Tyrone Mings be known across the globe had he been thrown to the floor and elbowed in the face by Abel Hernandez. We think not. The media are not stupid they know what sells their product. Focus on Man United and millions will instantly be interested.

Before we continue we will quickly give our opinion. Mings was thrown to the floor early on by Ibrahamovic (he‘s quite strong you know) setting the tone. Mings, strong but fair tackle on Rooney was quickly followeb by a near stamp from Ibrahamovic, as he hurdled Mings. Mings got up, was impeded by Rooney and quickly looked to see how to get to the ball. He had to jump and (in our opinion) accidentally caught Ibrahamovic. The more we see it the less we think it was intentional. We all know Rooney didn’t see it, but he seems to think he did, but would you trust the word of Ibra’s teammate anyway.

“When we got our only real chance we were just shouting ‘shoot’ at Afobe”

The aftermath was the most hilarious part of the Mings/Ibra incident. It seems Man United had the most to say, and the most to lose. If they were clever they would have simply kept quiet and played down all the major incidents to deflect attention. They got far more of the decisons than AFC Bournemouth, but its too late now.

What will the FA do? We are not going to speculate but if Ibarahamovic gets a lesser sentence than Mings, we might as well pack our bags and head back to the Championship.

What all the coverage has done is deflect the fact that ‘little’ Bournemouth didn’t lose at Old Trafford. I was on TalkSport on Thursday night and that’s how we were described (patronising t**ts). They also laughed when I gave my predcition, 1-1. Seems I know more than they do.


The opening half hour was hard to watch and when we got our only real chance we were just shouting ‘shoot’ at Afobe. Then the penalty. Pugh’s trick fooled Phil Jones and up stepped King to cooly blast his penalty into the top corner (I was watching from behind the door). Then all the other sh*t happened and it was half-time. The second half performance was immense and we showed we can defend.

We may have been parking the bus, but lady luck was still on United’s side as they got a penalty. Did they really need anymore help to beat the no-hopers from down the bottom end of the Premier League. Up stepped Ibrahamovic (yes he was still onthe pitch) and Boruc dived and saved us once again. Making it up for last week’s flap ten times over.

The downside was Mings injury, the upside was that we finally got to see Baily Cargill grace the Premier League and acquit himself very well. The old AFC Bournemouth spirit was back, we were once again the team that can defy the odds. This will be the stepping stone that will send us to our third season in the Premier League. Can’t wait for West Ham, we reckon Dean Court will be rocking.

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