AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Is it back to 4-4-2 away to Stoke?

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Know your place. Eddie Howe has finally seemed to have worked out that the Premier League has some teams that we simply cannot compete with on a level playing field.

Saturday was an example. AFC Bournemouth cannot ‘out Spurs’ Spurs. They simple have better players than us and if we had played the ‘Bournemouth’ way there is a very good chance that we would have got stuffed four or five nil. It’s happened before.

Eddie implemented the plan and formation that came very close to grabbing a point against a very good Man City side. We cannot fault his logic. If a team is restricted to a single goal there is always a chance that we can snatch a point, or even three points.
We are not always sure on the personnel in his new ‘defensive’ formation, but it is undoubtedly the right thing to do.

The question is when does the ‘lets get a point against a good team’ formation get called into action. It is away from home? Is it against an in-form top six side? Is it against Stoke City.


It’s a cliche but there are no easy games in the Premier League. The 2017/18 season doesn’t have a Hull City (even though they beat us away from home) and Stoke are not sh*t. And, they got a severe drubbing from Man City, so they will undoubtedly be looking to put things rights against 19th-placed AFC Bournemouth. They are at home and they will think they can win. We are away from home and think we could win. We beat them last season, so more of the same please.

The question is does Eddie forego an attacking formation, shut up shop and try and grab a 1-0 win. At the is point in the season it would be easy to say Yes. But, do we want to see our team adopt the stance of a lot of ‘lesser’ Premier League teams when we are playing one of the ‘lesser’ teams or show our attacking game to its full potential. In ideal world we would love to see beautiful football, but we simply want a point (or three) and if it takes being dull we would take it. But not for long.

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