AFC BOURNEMOUTH: More goals, more points and more money

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Second season in the Premier League… DONE. So what are we going to do now for the next 11 Saturdays or so?

As we look forward to the 2017/18 Premier League season and a summer of gardening, DIY, and the fixtures on the 14th June, we can sit back and relax and take in exactly what has been acheived at AFC Bournemouth this season.

NINTH in the Premier League, or if prefer 9th in the Premier League. Both sound good. A historic moment with our highest ever league finish. Just think if we had got three points it would have been eighth. Southampton and West Brom kept to their side of the bargain, but Leicester hadn’t read the script. Junior Stanislas’s first minute goal saw the mighty Cherries rise to eighth, but Bournemouth couldn’t build on that lead and went in 1-0 up at half-time. Leicester were a different team in the second half and it only took them six minutes to equalise. They had a goal disallowed and create numerous chances, but our defence held firm (more of this please) to gain a very valuable point.

“We desperately wanted to win and it was only goal difference that kept us from usurping our South Coast neighbours”

The game itself may not have meant much to either side, apart from a few million quid (more on this later). But, we desperately wanted to win and it was only goal difference that kept us from usurping our South Coast neighbours. But, as Supa Fletch said on Twitter ‘Oh well! 9th will have to do then!’. This effectively makes AFC Bournemouth as good as or better than the rest. We finshed above West Brom, Stoke, West Ham, Leicester, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Swansea, Sunderland, Middlesboro, Hull and of course Watford.

Whether we like it or not money is what makes the Premier League go round and at around £2m a place we will have around £16m more than the team that finished in 17th place. That’s more than our most expensive signing. That is effecitvely a free player or two, or maybe three :-). Had we dropped down to 11th on the last day of the season we would have missed out on £4m. Enough to pay Jermain Defoe for next season.

How can AFC Bournemouth improve on NINTH?

Are we punching above our weight? Many may say we are but in reality we are a club and team who are doing it right (most of the time). We do have good backing and money to spend, but we cannot compete with many of the so-called bigger clubs in the league. So, we have to rely on Howe finding a gem and nurturing them to become a better player. Josh King is a prime example.

AFC Bournemouth can score goals. We scored more goals than every team below us and Southampton and Manchester United. You know the team with Rooney, Ibrhamovic and Rashford. The only teams to score more goals than us were Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs and Chelsea. AFC Bournemouth can concede goals as well, we let in 67 goals over the season. Only Swansea, Watford, Hull and Sunderland have let in more. Defence (as if we didn’t know) is where we need to improve. Do we need to get some new defenders? I would say yes. Maybe two. Get the goals against down to 50 (that’s 17 less than this season) and its Europe here we come.

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