AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Premier League mistakes and regrets

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There are two things a newly promoted Premier League team need, that’s a great team ethic and a bit of luck. The first will go a long way to making sure that results go your way, but its the next and less quantifiable element that could be the key ingredient to staying up or going down.

Luck is defined as ‘good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance’, or ‘fortunate’. AFC Bournemouth have undoutedly been unfortunate or ‘out of luck’ on a number of occassions, but in reality its mistakes that have cost us dearly. As we all know it’s fine margins in the Premier League and the smallest mistake can cost.

Right from the season kick-off the Cherries could count themselves unfortunate. After dominating against Villa and creating three very good chances the Cherries were undone by a corner routine. This wasn’t unlucky this was poor defending, fine margins. Against Liverpool, we were unlucky, no doubt there, but again no points on the board, but this time due to incompetent officials.

“If we miss out on another season in the Premier League, will the first eight matches have defined the season?”

Against Leicester again it wasn’t luck but fine margins. A split second separated Steve Cook from a brilliant tackle and giving away a penalty. Should AFCB got more than one point, probably, but didn’t. Norwich away, no comment. Sunderland at home, we were lucky, lucky that they were so sh*t on the day and we got what we deserved, 3 points. Stoke away and our luck was definitely out. Wilson injured, a late equaliser cancelled out by and even later winner. Did we deserve a point? Maybe, but we didn’t get one.

Finally, Watford at home was a game that we should have finished with nothing less than three points. Dominated the first half, got a goal and still only managed to go in even at half-time. Artur Boruc’s error was unforgivable, and as a goalkeeper it was always on the cards. Boruc strikes me as a little bit arrogant and sometimes over-confident. We think he is an OK goalkeeper, but do not have total confidence in him. Should he be dropped for his one, very big, mistake? No, but goalkeeping errors are not uncommon on the Boruc CV. Remember when tried to beat Oliver Giroud with a few fancy moves, he f**ked that up and he made a few howlers when he was at Celtic. With Federici waiting in the wings, this should be his last chance. If he does it again. Do you agree, or do you think its time for a change in the very next game?

Its seems the mistakes and the lack of luck are coming all too often, all we can say is that we hope we don’t live to regret what has happened already this season at the end of the season. Looking back AFC Bournemouth should have more points on the board. If we are being generous at least another seven, giving us 15 points and a spot in Europe. If being less ingenuous at least another three points giving us 11 and midtable safety.

If we miss out on another season in the Premier League, will the first eight matches have defined the season? Hope springs eternal at TFTSE Towers and why wouldn’t it with 30 games to go and 90 points to play for.

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