AFC BOURNEMOUTH: SFC not our rivals, but it’s still a derby (and rivals to me)

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Our closest Premier League neighbour Southampton will be gracing the hallowed Dean Court turf come Saturday.

Remember, they are not rivals, as many Southampton fans like to continually point out. But it’s still a derby. Well according to the dictionary definition it could be. The Collins English dictionary defines ‘Derby‘ as ‘a sporting event involving teams from the same area’. I will let you make your own mind up.

Personally, I find the people who need to tell us that we are like a little brother, a bunch of patronising, condescending and slightly egotistical arses. And, yes I do know that some are only looking for a rise. But, as we all know if you really don’t care about something then it doesn’t get a mention. So perhaps they do care a little.


All good football hatred is steeped in history. Read ‘Why Bournemouth Will Never Be Saints Rivals!’ from the Ugly Inside to find out why they have a rivalry with Portsmouth (if you give a sh*t) and not Bournemouth.

I may not call them scummers, but I will if it upsets them, but if doesn’t I will find another insult.

The reason I have a particular hatred for the team up the road is like all good football animosity, it’s history. Back in late 70’s/early 80’s my dad used to take us to see Southampton play occasionally, because they were a First Division team and my only sister was a Southampton fan.

Wonder how many Bournemouth locals supported Southampton for the glory of First Division football rather than their local team?

But I was already a Bournemouth fan as my granddad was a season ticket holder at Dean Court and they were my team. Even at that young age I wanted my sisters team to lose and found great joy when they didn’t win and disappointment when they did. Thankfully they never seemed to win when we went to see them. Perhaps I have blocked it from my memory

I may have a different reason to many to hate them, but I still f*cking hate them.

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