AFC BOURNEMOUTH v LIVERPOOL: Opposition fan site KopTalk talks to The South End

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How many times have AFC Bournemouth played Liverpool? Nine. How many times have we beaten them? Zero. How many times have we drawn with them? Twice. Both in the FA Cup back in 1968 and 1927.

You get the picture, but until last week we had never beaten Arsenal and we still haven’t, but we did score our very first goal against them. We have scored against Liverpool, most recently in the 2-1 loss at Dean Court back in April 2016. Surely, this means a draw or a win is on the cards.

We spoke to Duncan at Liverpool fan site KopTalk, who kindly refrained from predicting a score, but did give a few clues on how we could get result.

Q. Liverpool haven’t won the league since 1990 but this season looks like it could be the season to finally claim the title. Where do you think Liverpool will finish this season?

We’re gonna win the league of course! Going by the current Premier League table, this suggests that Liverpool could be realistic title challengers. However, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal aren’t just going to roll over. They have a lot of experience and a lot of quality. We have a great manager in Jürgen Klopp who has really made his players and the fans believe that anything is possible. But despite our league position, I’m not the sort of fan to get carried away. We’ve only just entered December and there’s a long, long way to go. With a bit of luck and perseverance, we could do it but I have to stay grounded and say that as long as we secure Champions League football we’ll be happy. After finishing 8th last season, finishing in the top 4 this time around would be great but I think we may do a little better.

Q. We are in our second season in the top flight of English football. Where do you think AFC Bournemouth will finish?

Fortunately, Bournemouth secured their Premier League survival last season. Fans such as myself don’t want to see newly promoted clubs drop straight back down again. With a really good, promising manager in Eddie Howe, I think you’ll be safe this term. He will continue to learn and if the fans stay patient with him during temporary dips in form, I would have thought you’d continue to become stronger under him.

Q. We love our club, but how do Liverpool fans perceive AFC Bournemouth?

The Liverpool fans I speak to see Bournemouth as a club with real aspirations to sustain their Premier League membership and not just accept that they will probably fall down again. Similar clubs often expect to yo-yo from the Premier League and the Championship, I don’t see that in Bournemouth. You guys will know a lot more about the inner workings of your club and how supportive of Eddie Howe the board and owners are. But from an outsiders point of view, Bournemouth are a club who seem to have some proper fight in them thanks to the manager and a passionate fan base.

Q. Eddie Howe and Jurgen Klopp are both attack-minded managers. How do you see the game panning out on Sunday?

You need points to ensure you stay clear of that drop zone while we need points to maintain our title challenge. I can’t see this being a dull game. I think you’ll take us on but it’s the counter-attack that you will need to be prepared for. Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho are missing and it’s unclear if Adam Lallana will make the squad but he’s close. Roberto Firmino should be involved so he could be the one you need to close out. I think you could give us a decent game but if your boys walk out there with hesitation or don’t give 100% on the day, Liverpool could prove too strong. As strong as we can be in attack, we can be a bit weak at the back though. I’m sure Howe will want your forwards to rough-up Loris Karius as much as possible. He’s not settled yet and there’s definitely an error or two in him that could be exploited.

Q. There was speculation that Daniel Sturridge could come to AFC Bournemouth. Do you think this is realistic and how do Liverpool fans rate him?

I’m pretty confident that Daniel will leave Liverpool next year. If he does leave, I see him going to London. Liverpool fans can see quality in Daniel. If he didn’t have the ongoing injury problems he has, I feel he would be one of the best strikers in the game. I don’t think many Liverpool fans would shed a tear if he left. They recognise what he offers but the amount of frustration we experience because of his limited playing time has taken us to the point where we’ve started accepting that we really need to look elsewhere for a more frequent contribution which is a real shame.


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