AFC BOURNEMOUTH: There is no I in team, but there is in Lewis.

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When things start going wrong, especially in football, their needs to be a scapegoat. It’s always someone’s fault and us fans in the stands suddenly become a collection of experts with the solution at our fingertips.

We all know that Twitter is the bastion of great football management. But, if we are such footballing experts why aren’t we standing next to Eddie Howe in the dugout. We know why we aren’t, that restraining order from 2010 is still in effect.

The simple fact is that we all have favourites and players we don’t like. FYI, we love Harry Arter and Steve Cook. Two stalwarts and soon-to-be (or already are) Cherries Legends. Who’s on the other side? Lewis Grabban tops the list followed by, well no-one really.

Football is a team game, it is a collective of players, who need to be managed by a man who they listen to. If we take one person out of this equation will the whole collective simply fall apart? Of course it won’t, but it might not run as smoothly, but it should still work. Take two people out of the equation and it may start falling apart, but again in reality it shouldn’t. One man, or even two men, doesn’t make a team. Though we might think it sometimes.

Everyone involved with the squad has collective responsibility and everyone needs to be at their best and pulling in the same direction and sometimes that doesn’t happen, but when it does good things happen. When it doesn’t not much happens.

When players get injured, like Callum Wilson, it’s a real downer for everyone concerned. It’s a blow for the team, but it presents an opportunity for another player to become part of the team and when they have genuine quality it’s even better, enter Lewis Cook. As Eddie Howe said, it’s like having a new signing.

Now that’s a Lewis that we like. Will he be the latest saviour? Will he get us back on the road to salvation? He is only one man, but he might just make the team that little bit better. He might give the team the lift that it needs at the moment. He could just be the catalyst that kick-starts our season again.

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