AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Waiting for the real AFC Bournemouth to stand up

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Four games in, no points and talk amongst a few well-informed (that’s sarcasm in case you can’t spot it) Twitterati that Eddie Howe should be on his way.

For f*ck sake what are these people on? We do not hold Eddie Howe in the reverence that some seem to, and we know he is not perfect, but to suggest a change after four games in could only come from the mouth of someone who hasn’t got a clue.

All manager’s make mistakes and Eddie Howe, and the players, have admitted that things are not quite right. But he has proved us wrong time and time again and there really is no reason to doubt him this time around. Come back to us when we are ten games in and happily sitting in 15th with 10 points. If this isn’t the case then it might be time to start looking at the situation differently.


I am confused, why did we have a poor transfer window. We may not have got all the players we wanted and resolved all our issues, but who did. We spent £30m, that’s a shit load of money for a team like us. I guess its just numbers to many. In return we got Nathan Ake, Asmir Begovic and Jermain Defoe.

So that’s a better goalkeeper and a top notch defender and striker. We still need to invest, but what are are the doubters expecting. Spending another 50m on players, going bankrupt and following the path of a team further up the coast.


Let’s take a look at the first four fixtures of the 2017/18 season. West Brom (A), Watford (H), Man City (H), Arsenal (A). Now let’s base the points haul on last season, our most successful season ever:

WEST BROM (A) – 1-2 – 0 POINTS
WATFORD (H) – 2-2 – 1 POINT
MAN CITY (H) – 0-2 – 0 POINTS
ARSENAL (A) – 1-3 – 0 POINTS

So, we have gained one point less than last season and arguably the one point we could have had came against our nemesis Man City. So, let’s not panic.
This doesn’t distract from the performances, which have varied from OK to poor. We have still yet to see the real AFC Bournemouth this season. But, it’s not like we have Jimmy Quinn in charge and quite possible the worst AFC Bournemouth team ever seen, with the real prospect of dropping out of the league.

We are in the Premier League, the top division of English football, competing against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd. Not Aldershot, Torquay, Bristol Rovers (at least they were all close) et al. What’s the worse that can happen? Relegation to the Championship, and a season of poor performances. But what would you prefer? Winning in League Two, or watching us play the giants of English football and winning occasionally?

So let’s suck up a few defeats and poor performances, get our heads back in the game, get behind the team and wait for the real AFC Bournemouth to stand up. It’s coming and it might just be this Friday.


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