AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Welcome Huddersfield Town to the ‘big boys’ Premier League.

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The latest addition to the Premier League is Huddersfield Town, a team that AFC Bournemouth fans will remember well from our League One play-off semi-final defeat back in 2011.

They may have beaten us back then but it took a little longer for them to get to the promised land than it did AFC Bournemouth. That means we now have Newcastle, Brighton and Hudderfield games to look forward to next season. Will they be better than our games against Sunderland, Middlesboro and Hull? Out of those six games we managed three wins and three losses, not a draw in sight. We would hope for more this time out, and throw in a 6-1 and 4-0 win for good measure.

It’s hard to speculate how the new arrivals will do, but we know what the experts will say. Newcastle to stay up and Brighton and Huddersfield to go straight back down. It’s easy speculation and exactly what the ‘experts’ said about AFC Bournemouth, but we are still here and lets hope the critics and experts are not proved right, but not at our expense of course.

We like the Premier League to be unpredictable, but it seems that some fans of the ‘big boys’ who haven’t managed to make it back to the Premier League, or was it the old Division One the last time you were in the top flight, like predictability.

POP QUIZ: Which current Cherries player was playing for Huddersfield in the play-offs in 2011? Tell us on Twitter @tftse

The bastion of common sense and reasoned debate Twitter has seen a little jealously creeping in with the fans of the ‘big clubs’ questioning how standards have lowered in the Premier League. The irony is that if the standards have dropped it hasn’t helped them as they still can’t get in the Premier League. Guess their standards must have dropped further than they thought.

Instead of belittling the efforts and rewards of the ‘smaller’ clubs that have made it to the Premier League take a closer look at your own club. Why have you been in the second tier of football for so long? It’s rarely down to finances, the teams trying to ‘get back to where they belong’ have bigger budgets than most of the teams that have made it. When it comes to football, as the philosopher Stefano Jenkini once said, “It’s what you do today, not what you did yesterday that matters”. Your history and bigger fan base counts for nothing if you can’t win enough games to reach the Premier League.

A well-managed club (with a bit of backing) with all parts pulling in the right direction seems to be a pretty simple solution to be successful. Perhaps, some of the ‘big teams’ should try it. And, whether fans of the ‘big teams’ like it or not AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield Town will be a Premier League fixture in 2017/18. We will be creating our own history.

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