AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Who needs Jack Wilshire when we have Lewis Cook

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Jack Wilshire’s arrival at Dean Court was nothing short of sensational. An England international looking to get his career back on track at little old Bournemouth.

There is no doubt his arrival placed the spotlight on himself and AFC Bournemouth. The national media, every local outlet and fan site had an opinion. We had an opinion like everyone else and we still have an opinion. Seems all those that were keen to express their thoughts at the beginning of his loan have slowly drifted away, leaving a more dedicated selection of opinions. Guess he’s not as newsworthy as he once was.

So, what’s our opinion? He is undoubtedly a great player and he has shown moments of brilliance, but in our opinion not often enough. Perhaps his reputation meant we expected more. He was coming to Bournemouth, not AC Milan, do you think he got confused by the shirts. Surely a much sought after talent such as Jack Wilshire would be much better that anything that the AFC Bournemouth midfield could muster.

“Surely a much sought after talent such as Jack Wilshire would be much better that anything that the AFC Bournemouth midfield could muster”.

Harry Arter, Andrew Surman, Dan Gosling were hardly names that were setting the world of Premier League football alight outside of Dean Court. Not a trio that were giving football experts something to drool over, something to fill their column inches.

Was he better? He’s different and on occasions showed why he is considered a rare talent, but I would take Harry Arter any day of the week. We think has underachieved, we would give him a B- rather than a B+. One thing he did manage to do was get game time and stay injury-free for almost the whole season. But, fate once again struck him down and it was time to head back to the Arsenal injury table. It is extremely unlikely that he will ever don the red and black of AFC Bournemouth again.


But why worry? We have a ready-made replacement in the shape of Lewis Cook. Similar in stature, similar in style, five years younger, captain of the England U-20’s and more importantly he is one of ours. We won’t have to shell out £17m (current market value according to We won’t have to shell out ridiculous loan fees (it was reported that Wilshire cost us £2m) and we won’t have to pay ridiculous wages.

Fate has dealt Lewis Cook a winning hand. Wilshire’s injury has coincided with Lewis Cook’s return to full fitness and has now given him the chance to shine in the last four games of the Premier League season. As we watched Cook glide across the turf against Middlesbrough, we thought he’s a lot like Wilshire. Then we thought he will still be here next season and he will still only be 20 years old. He looks like a player with a steely determination to succeed and while he’s at AFC Bournemouth, and away from the gaze of publicity of a ‘big’ club, he will develop into a talent that can go all the way to the very top.

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