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Its like an extra special Follow Friday #FF. Find a collection of Twitter fans who like to tweet about the mighty AFC Bournemouth.
Start following them and join the ever-expanding AFC Bournemouth Twitter family. Let us know if any details are wrong. If you are not on the list let us know and we will stick you on the next one.

@pww8afcb | Phil Watkins
Huge AFC Bournemouth fan also follow Milan and Aberdeen, lager fan!! Love my darts aswell!! Massive Only Fools fan! Slightly partial to buying trainers too!
@FaintBrushfire | Sam Stapleton
17. AFC Bournemouth. Movies. Writing. Music.
@DaddiesLittleG1 | Daddies Little Girl
I follow bornemouth afc and have no connection with any other people in the Sanbanks area any references to any person intended or implied is coincidental
@danny298 | Danny Young
Follower of Jesus Christ, fan of AFC Bournemouth, rider of motorcycles.
@deanbelcher1985 | DeanoB1985
AFCB till i die UTCIAD
@ichbinsophie | soph
sophie curtis. afc bournemouth supporter. blur and joy division are my favourites. i love @law_rents xxx
@ellieAFCB | Ellie Davis
17, eat sleep and breathe football. Follow AFC Bournemouth home and away. Also play in goal for afcb ladies. 😀
@AFCB_Ladies | AFCB Ladies
Twitter page for AFCB Ladies
@djbs | Damian Scott
Travel expert, supporter of AFCB, Prorsum et Sursum !
@MarcoAFCB | Marco Marchiori
AFCB first, fighting to #protectourpolice second. Protester to this awful government. My views entirely!
@grocklefree | Dave
Ever the optimistic #AFCB supporter – grumpy about everything else….
@ishlepup | Mimi Boxall
Am a ST holder for #afcb and passionate bout my footy, Man U fan. #Comeonureds x
@Brother_Kite | Fred Kite
All them corn fields and ballet in the evening.Basically I tweet because its more socially acceptable than talking to myself! AFC Bournemouth fan.
@bourne883 | Brett Johnson
Following the Cherries,listening to The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club, The Killers, drinker of la cidre
@JElmes7 | James Elmes
Massive Bournemouth fan and Junior Cherry. Also watch a bit of the Arsenal. Currently playing for Parkstone Heights. Thanks to all my followers,will follow back
@bmb_afcb | Gayle Hope
Work for the Murry Foundation, Ebony Robinson Foundation & IT Media. AFCB ST holder. Member of Friends of Dean Court.
@hemphead63 | Shaun White
AFC Bournemouth fan I smoke weed and drink real ale love animals have 2 cats
@fitzpottle | Lyn Whytehead
AFC Bournemouth Season Ticket Holder
@Wyxeboy | Paul Wickens
Video Editor, Music Producer, DJ, Guitarist, AFC Bournemouth, Barmy Army!!! Think of myself as The Pride of Dorset 🙂
@tangletom | Tom Dowthwaite
AFC Bournemouth drinker/drummer. Studying forensic science. Footballs my religion
@justinloader | Justin Loader
AFC Bournemouth, Wimborne Town, England and Iron Maiden fan
@kelly_93x | Kelly-anne Coley
Student at Rockley academy, training to be a watersports instructor. Football; AFC Bournemouth and Speedway; Poole Pirates #piratepride
@ShaunAfcb | Shaun Parker
17 years old and supports Afc Bournemouth , Liverpool fc and loves playing football with his friends.
@powerdroidgirl | Leona
Babylon 5 Geekette, AFCB loyal, Miniaturist, Crafter, Sci/Fi/Zombie/Horror/HP/LOTR fan. Old enough to know better.
@FatBlerk | Tony Maycock
Tall, plump and beer swilling. AFCB ST holder. Friends of Dean Court member.
@Poochpower1 | Andrew Stevens
LifeTime AFCB Supporter, Dog lover & Free Lance Aviation Photographer
@friendsofdc | FriendsOfDeanCourt
@GeoffPike | Geoff Pike
Control&Safety Systems Eng. Pikey into football(AFC Bournemouth) rugby(Eng&Saints) cricket(Eng&Sussex) cars cycling food and all things hot.. Puffins rock too
@pmitch49 | Paul Mitchell
AFCB fan for all but the first 5 years of my life. . . .
@secretfsquirrel | Roger Andrews
Retired from the Probation Service, been copper and publican, long standing Cherries supporter..
@cavalaire | steve russell
Loving AFC Bournemouth and not liking Southampton FC one little bit.
@stu_birch | Stuart Birch
Poole branch manager of ADI Global Distribution. Big AFCB fan, On BBC Radio Solent every Thurs @ 5.20pm
@aliceafcb | Alice
@twominutesto | Ian Garrard
Ligging about….
@AFCBCherryTim | Tim Spencer
Pub landlord of @skippers_sherb Feel free to follow both me and the pub
@andy_betts | Andy Betts
Tech journalist, editor of Android Magazine and Smartphone Essentials
@Gook_ Josh | Light
AFCB, Boxing, Movie, Gaming and Tech Fan. But the biggest love in life my three BEAUTIFUL kids Brogan Marley and Maci
@smurfing66 | Sarah Murphy
Project Manager, Trainer, Proofreader, AFCB supporter and general sports lover.
@CalamityKate67 | Katy Watkins
Married with 2 children, AFC Bournemouth season ticket holder, love Madness and Barenaked Ladies (the pop group that is!!)
@cherrytothecore | loubellemichelle
Afcb till i die, love F1 &motorsport including the two wheel kind,& follow tennis. eat lots of maccy d’s but exercise like a crazy woman 2 work it off!
@natsimp123 | Nathan Simpson
Full time installation systems / warehouse assistant (www.aerialshack.com) Bournemouth Football Club.
@afcbrhino | stuart smith
Work for South West Trains, follow Afc Bournemouth, real ale drinker and love spending time with the girlfriend down in Cornwall
@gmeaden | Gavin Meaden
AFC Bournemouth. Guitar in Reg Varney. Bass with Ted Chuckles. St Albans City FC. Lemsford Lions FC. Poole Pirates. Satellites. Radios. AK, Hertog Jan & 49-er.
@ajparkin | andrew parkin
freelance TV documentary director pretty much here to indulge in my love of AFCB
@Stoneyafcb | Luke AFCB Young
Afc Bournemouth fan, cricket loving, ever exuberant failing guitarist with a love for beer and other activities as such. King in the making!
@LeeWarrenAFCB | Lee Warren
@HereFourTheRide | Paul Arnaudy
Loves … his Family, Friends, Life, Cycling (MTB … Next up a 29er ss), THFC, AFCB, Fitness & Fast Cars. Here for a good time, not a long time Amen 😉
@njw870 | Nick Wallinger
A tyke, went south looking for sun & found Poole. East Stand season ticket, AFCB Exiles Chairman. Yay to Cherries, YorkCityKnights RL & Yorkshire.
@Carly_Afcb | Carly Butcher
@AFCBTweetUp | AFCB Tweet Up
Up-to-date information on #tweetup events for AFC Bournemouth fans on Twitter
@Cherryboy53 | Eric Buggy
VP at AFCB, Proud member of Friends of Pokesdown, Christchurch Citizen,
@AnnableMargaret | Margaret Annable
Estate Agent in Bournemouth. Wife to Malc, mother of Jon. Originally from Leicestershire. Avid reader, football (AFC Bournemouth) and music fan.
@Eloiseee_Gullis | Eloise Gullis
AFC Bournemouth | Alan Carr | Karate Black Belt 2nd Dan | Generally lazy |
@DawnMussett | Dawn Mussett
@_ifeelgood | James Brown
Um… hi. AFCB fan and NS season ticket holder. I also like the word ‘Pig’ and eat a lot of prawns. Come say hi.
@kevjones27 | kevin jones
wifey, little one on the way, southerner exiled in the midlands. avid #afcb fan. cherries fans feel free to follow!!
@__dazemaze | Daisy Mowels
Give me music & football and I’ll be yours for life – AFC Bournemouth supporter & proud ^_^ I also like to blog…occasionally.
Motorsport, AFC Bournemouth, and all things political. Plus a bit of Punk.
@mtalbot2987 | Martin Talbot
Work in Social Media, study to teach English. Likes: AFC Bournemouth, comedy, writing and occasionally doing stand-up. Hates: unnecessary upward inflections.
@journeytom | Tom
live, breathe, eat, sleep & work travel! writing my own blog please check it out AFCB Fan, Badminton Player, Music listener, Guitar & Drum player plus more
@KerryCherries | kerry webb
Cherries fan, F1, Motorsports,Cricket. World of Warcraft geek.
@tipsypittsy | tipsypittsy 62
Fascinated by all things webby! I love Web Design/Development, SEO, Photography, Social Media, Liverpool FC and AFCB.
@PedroPaddy | Brennan Joyce
19, Engineering Geology & Geotechnics undergraduate, AFC Bournemouth, football, sport wildlife, football statistics! @cforcharl (L) x
@StuartTarrant | Stuart Tarrant
PR manager, ex-journalist & magazine editor, music lover and AFCB supporter. Some say, the son of Rowley Birkin QC.
@dickie | Richard Poole
IT & Ticketing Manager for AFC Bournemouth. All views are those of own and not that of AFCB. . .
@CareyPaton | Carey
Dorset girl, Bournemouth fan, living in Brentford, working at SSN. That just about covers it. Hello.
@AndyAFCB | Andy Rice
29 year old football, music and booze lover. Went to my first AFCB game in 86.
@dave_w_frome | Dave Watkins
Once of Blandford, now in Frome; full time husband and dad; Director of Sponsorship @FromeFM. Present Blues Train & Sport Pie. AFC Bournemouth is my main team!
@theboylatch | Tom Latchem
Former NOTW, Mirror and People man now a freelance journalist, writer & broadcaster blogging about TV for The Spectator. Bournemouth fan. tom.latchem@gmail.com
@stuafcb | Stuart Bramley
Software architect / developer / web designer / football loving, photography failing, guitar ruining geekoid father of two. I also like to cook.
@geoffzzzzzz | Geoff zzzzzz
AFC Bournemouth north stand season ticket holder. Will prob tweet about Southbourne beach, the Littledown Centre & various pubs & cafe’s but mainly about #afcb
@Jem_Racing | JemRacing
I work for Jem Racing (Independent bookies of year 2011) Am a new dad & follow AFC Bournemouth. Views are my own ! Used to post as jwizdx @Betfair
@67nbs | nigel starie
Afc Bournemouth fan . Rambling idiot ,Cynic ,Opininated Dullard
@Y2jimbob | Jim Muselwhite
Photographer, AFC Bournemouth superfan99, Uber Geek, idiot & jerichoholic # 777
@AFCBLass | Kirsty Mellors
Only on here for the Bournemouth gossip!
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