ARSENAL 3 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 0: What we didn’t like and what we didn’t like

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What the f*ck is going on. AFC Bournemouth simply do not look like the team we know and love.

We don’t have any points, and at the moment we look like we don’t have any clue. Where is it going wrong? It’s always easy to blame the formation or individual players, but at the moment it wouldn’t matter what formation or what players we played. Let’s not waste any time here, the performance against Arsenal was poor, very poor, probably the worst of the season. Begovic and Defoe must wonder what the f*ck they have done signing for AFC Bournemouth.


Right, that’s enough of the obvious and negative. The question is what does Eddie Howe do next? All the players know they are under-performing. We are pretty sure that they don’t go out to play poorly and lose a game. Before kick-off they must believe they can win or at least get a result against any team.

It’s easy for the fans to suggest a change of formation or personnel – us included – but we all know that it’s not just about the tangible. All console football managers know it’s about the chem as well. The psychology side of the game is just as important as skill. So, do the players not believe in Eddie Howe any more? This is an easy conclusion to make, but one that is far harder to prove. We reckon this is nonsense and very soon it is all going to click into gear. We still believe. Watch as Brighton feel the full force of AFC Bournemouth at their best (NOTE: This sentence may have disappeared by Saturday morning).


Andrew Surman has been given a hard time of late, but we didn’t see him on the pitch yesterday and we were still poor and lost three-nil. So guess it can’t be his fault this time out. So, if Surman wasn’t playing who’s fault was it? We are not blaming anyone, but the midfield against Arsenal didn’t have the best of games. If Surman had been playing we are sure it would have been his fault. Let’s hope we see him back against Brighton when we win. (NOTE: Again, this sentence may have disappeared by Saturday morning).


We have scored one goal this season and it was an absolute screamer, but I think we need a few more. We have two top class strikers in King and Defoe. Scored over 30 goals between them last season. Defoe got one chance yesterday and hit the post, but in reality he has not been given the service to score. He is a natural-born goalscorer, we need to work hard to get the ball to him because he will score. Perhaps, someone like Lewis Cook might be the ideal solution. Just saying.


After all we have said about line-ups and formations, we still can’t resist the urge to give our thoughts for both against Brighton.
Will Francis start ahead of Mings? Will Lewis Cook finally get a start? Will Gosling be back on the bench? Will Eddie Howe revert back to a more familiar formation? We will be back on Wednesday to reveal what Eddie needs to do to get our first win of the season.

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