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  • Football League One
  • 29 September 2012
  • Att: 4951
  • Ref: Bates
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ANDY BUTLER | Walsall 0-1
A long ball into the box was nodded away but fell to the opposition who passed out to the wing to send in another cross that was headed home by the onrushing Butler
CHARLIE DANIELS | Bournemouth 1-1
A throw-in from the right was nodded out to O’Kane who diverted the ball to Fogden who found the unmarked Daniels who put the ball into the far corner
A simple corner saw the ball nodded down into space with new boy Davids taking a swing and missing as Bowerman volleyed the ball home

“We were disappointing in terms of how we passed the ball” PAUL GROVES – The incisive Cherries boss










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We could have started this piece exactly the same as the last one, but that would be too easy. A few quick points about the game. Team strong on paper, performance disjointed and McQuoid awful.
Paul Groves has been getting plenty of stick, and rightly so, from the fans, but we have decided that stating the obvious is going over old ground. We think that every Cherries fan knows exactly what we think so we have decided it is time to take a look at the players. The manager obviously dictates the tactics and picks the team but once they are on the pitch, there is little he can do.

Stephan Zubar. How this man does not get in the team on a regular basis is beyond us.

Starting at the back, David James did pretty much what was expected of him, but is he any better than Jalal? Looking across the back four the standout candidate was Stephan Zubar. How this man does not get in the team on a regular basis is beyond us. He’s like a quick and mobile version of Addison. Groves has made Addison captain so it seems unlikely he is going to be dropped, but he should be, he just ain’t particularly good and we are sure we are not the only one’s who have noticed. Cook did a job, but he’s a central defender and Charlie Daniels was probably the worst player on the pitch, again. He really looks like he cannot be bothered, but he was partnered with McQuoid who was equally as bad. McQuoid was awful, what a waste of money, he was never that good, and not he is showing his true colurs. Partington tried to add steel to the midfield, but looks a little out of his depth, he needs an experienced player beside him. Davids, looks like he knows what he is doing, but he also looks like he has never played in League One before, which he obviusly hasn’t. He needs to get used to the pace and style of the game. O’Kane was better in this game than previous games, but still looks lightweight. Up front another new partnership, failed to gel, though new boy DeMouge looks like he will be a handful and Barnard once again tried to force the game but struggled with little support. Finally, replacing McQuoid with Carmicheal, or was it Wakefield, was greeted with chants of ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’, but the man proved to be one of the better players on the day, far more effective than the useless McQuoid. On an aside, good to see Thomas scoring on his debut. Some may say his level is League Two, so he should be perfect for Bournemouth next season. We hope to see him back soon.

However, we cannot go without a few comments on the manager, his tactics, inspiration and leadership. First, how can you ever build team spirit or any type of bond when players are continually dropped and rotated. A new goalkeeper comes in, who hasn’t played for six months, and immediately replaces the current number one, harsh or realistic? Whatever, he is really going to feel part of the team (that’s sarcasm). If Jalal feels hard done by how must Matt Tubbs feel. He came in and scored, he scored again in the next game, we wont count Swindon and then he gets dropped. Give the man a f**king chance. We reckon he work well with DeMouge. And, remember, Barnard is only on loan, so if he does go Groves will need to build another striking partnership (assuming Mr Groves hasn’t been sacked).

Perhaps, we simply have too many players and Mr Groves cannot manage such a large squad. Perhaps, some of the players are getting paid far too much and offering far too little. Perhaps, Mr Groves is clueless and is hoping to fluke his way to a wiining formation. Whatever, it is the same sentiments again. It needs to be sorted and soon.



Didn’t even listen to #CherryPlayer, terminal decline is a decent way to explain the situation @ #AFCB
Watched the Eddie Mitchell video and he’s right our fans just don’t listen, know how the football business works or have any patients #afcb
Seems to me whatever EM does will cost money. Sack Groves- it’ll cost severance pay/whatever, don’t sack him& hemorrhage fans&revenue. #Afcb
Having just watched the footage of EM, I can’t see what he does wrong? He came out and spoke to the fans, yet SOME fans didn’t let him #afcb
I’m a firm believer that Eddie Mitchell does care. Some of our fans are complete and utter fucknuggets who just wanted drama #AFCB
#AFCB I feel your frustration, and the staff do too, if I can speak for them. I am very confident in the teams ability. Bring on Tuesday!



Groundhog Day at Dean Court

The day started well as the art of pouring a Boddington’s was ably demonstrated by the DC bar staff – who would have thought I’d been doing it wrong all these years.
Also, looking at the team sheet (not the one in which Francis was playing) I thought it looked like a strong team
With that personnel, surely it was a case of returning to 4-4-2, with Mcquoid and O’Kane whipping in high crosses for the aerial expertise that is Demouge and Barnard. If anything it was a return to the halcyon Howe days of stretching teams wide and creating lots of chances
Sadly, that wasn’t the message that was passed on, clearly.

The first 10 minutes were a cagey affair with all the debutants showing some good touches . Davids made light of the masses of hair weighing him down to show speed of foot and thought, Demouge got some good knock ons and David James in goal was able to see someone in space and pass the ball to them – immediately – so that made a nice change

On 13 minutes Mcquiod’s deflected shot went straight into the keeper’s arms – a promising start

The next 20 minutes really did have to be seen to be believed. You must remember we have TWO big guys who can head the ball, so why oh why did we start crossing the ball on the deck. 5 or 6 promising attacks were brought up short by just those types of crosses – never managing to beat the first man
Actually there was one moment when Charlie D took a free kick from the left – the ball boys are still looking for that in the car park
Had it not been for the ever new and inventive ways their number 17 crafted to dive onto the deck, I fear I may have nodded off as the plan given to the team was clearly to hoof it up front for the big guys to nod on (which they did very well) to the midfield running through (which they most certainly didn’t)

I’m not sure if there’s been a memo sent to all league 1 teams saying that Charlie D can’t defend for toffee, but again this was proving to be our weak flank and the opening Walsall goal came from there
Sweeping down their right, O’Kane didn’t do enough (no idea where CD was) and the ball was headed in unmarked from 6 yards
Boos rang out at half time – I was just glad it was over
The 2nd half started brightly as O’Kane forced a good double save from their keeper but that was all AFCB had to offer for the next 15 minutes
At that point the “Groves Out” chant started and I was transfixed by an argument between a guy at the front shouting the crowd should be supporting the team instead of being negative and the angry back few rows
It went on for 5 minutes until he offered them all outside (mitchellesque) but the stewards sorted it all out by sitting down and tutting
Walsall were playing with us by then a la Leeds in the 70’s. They were everything we weren’t – hungry, passionate, fit, skilful and well drilled – the gulf was embarrassing
On 60 minutes Carmichael was brought on and Groves correctly identified that this would contravene the international OneJosh footballing by-law stating that only 1 Josh can be on the field at 1 time – so Mcquoid had to come off
With him came some passion and pace and we had a period of 10 minutes where opportunities for opportunities were created but as usual the final ball was so lacking
We want Tubbs was the next cry from the stands and when this was answered with Fogden coming on “you don’t know what you’re doing” was the next call – that must have really encouraged him coming onto the pitch – well done everyone
In fact, I think he used it to his advantage as again he brought pace to the game and on 81 minutes, Charlie D equalised having been given too much time in the box and slid the ball under the keeper. I like to think the ball came from Fogden – but that might be my own sense of poetic justice
Tubbs did eventually make it on but it was Walsall that scored the winner just before the end after some more shocking defending from a corner – and to be fair Walsall deserved it
Anything from the game would have given it a false gleam
Summary – My belief is the Dutch guys were brought in too early from their injuries in an all or bust move from Groves. I’ve never seen a team of such talented players play so unlike a team


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