BOURNEMOUTH 2 SHEFF WEDS 4: Leon Best ends play-off dream?

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CHAMPIONSHIP | 18.04.2014 | ATT: 10864 | REF: ROBINSON



Sheffield Weds 1-0



Bournemouth 1-1



Sheffield Weds 2-1



Bournemouth 2-2



Sheffield Weds 3-2



Sheffield Weds 4-2





AFC Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday 19th April 2014

The battle for the final play-off place is getting more and more intense. We lose and get no points, but the dream is still very much alive thanks to Reading losing and Brighton only managing a draw.

Ipswich play Watford away today and this will not be any easy points get for McCarthy’s men. Watford will be desperate for the points as they look to join the battle for the final play-off place. If they win and we beat Ipswich on Monday there could easily be 6 teams jostling for that elusive last spot. The permatations are many, enough for the optimistic to dream and the pessimistic to look at the mathmatics.

While we still dream of the play-offs, results like the one against Wednesday will need to be forgotten and very quickly. As it turned out this wasn’t a win game, but it was a game to win. Sheffield Wednesday have never beaten us at home and before kick-off we had no reason to believe anything was about to change. The Cherries weren’t as quick out of the blocks as they have been in recent weeks, but again, they still looked like a team that could score at any time. Remember we score when we want, shame that wasn’t the 90th, 91st and 92nd minutes then.

“With the clock ticking down Leon Best came on and duly scored against us liked he did earlier in the season for Blackburn.”

We did note that Wednesday keeper Kirkland was a thirsty chap and was wasting time from the off. Was this to break up the Cherries rhythm or were Weds already playing for a point. They had a few other cheap, sorry professional, tricks up their sleeves that permeated their game. Weds started to get into the game and scored after some unusually poor defending with the lanky Aussie striker Nuhui putting a crisp strike beyond Camp’s outstretched hand.

Bollocks, this wasn’t how it was meant to go. Grabban was getting into great positions and making the keeper work and it seemed only a matter of time that the Cherries would score. Just past the hour Grabban (i think) burst down the wing and put in a perfect cross for Pugh to head past Kirkland at close range. Game on. But, not for long. A long throw saw more uncertain defending as another header put Wednesday back in front.

Were the next 45 minutes going to to define our season. No, but they could play a huge part in the seasons outcome. Twelve minutes into the half and another header, this time from Kermorgant saw the home side draw level. Now it was game on and it was all Bournemouth. Surely, it was only a matter of time before the third came and victory was ours. Fraser came on and got stuck on his arse a couple of times, but the referee decided against giving anything. We thought that Ritchie was playing well and should have stayed on.

To make the Cherries job easier, or is that harder? Hutchinson got sent off for a second yellow. Didn’t look like a yellow from where we were sat, but I would need to see it again. Grabban had a couple of chances, but the thirsty timewaster Kirlkland, was on hand to deny him. We were up out of our seats ready to celebrate the winner when Kirkland pushed his free-kick onto the bar. A few sarky chants of England’s No1 had been throw at the Weds keeper, but it was him who kept them in the game.

With the clock ticking down Leon Best came on and duly scored against us liked he did earlier in the season for Blackburn. I f**king hate him. He seems to have played for every team in the country, I remember him playing for us. He doesn’t seem to stay anywhere long. Is that because everyone else hates him as well.
I’m not sure how he managed to squeeze home the third Weds goal. I thought Camp had it covered, but obviously not.

The final nail in the coffin came minutes later as the Cherries pushed for the equaliser. A quick break away and a dink over Camp, stand up man, and no 4 was in the net, game over.

It’s never good to lose, and we had almost forgotten what its like to lose. It was a gentle reminder of exactly how difficult the Championship can be, with any team capable of beating any other team. On the way out I heard someone tell his son that is was a disgrace, or words to that effect. What a f**king idiot. We lose one game in 12, winning 8 of those and suddenly were are crap. It was disappointing, but we certainly weren’t awful. If hadn’t needed the win, we could have settled for a draw and a point, which was the least we deserved from the game. Perhaps, he was one of those armchair Premiership fans, who thought he might make the effort to see a real match in his local town. Well, at least he can go back to watching ‘his’ team on the telly, now.


We love this man almost as much as Tommy Elphick. He has grown in stature throughout the season getting stronger and stronger. He now knows how to keep the ball and distribute in the right way. He once again showed how good he is and he deserves to be playing in the Premiership, but only with us of course.

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