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Name: Sophie Curtis

Age: 17

Twitter: @ichbinsophie

Match count: 170

AFCB since: 2004

Seat: Block 3, Row J


What was the first match you attended and how old were you?

It annoys me so much that I can never remember what my first match was! But I started going properly in the 2004/2005 season thanks to my dad and grandad! So I was about 10 years old.

Who would be your first inductee into the Cherries Hall of Fame?

In the actual Cherries Hall of Fame they have just put up around the ground includes my grandad, centre back Tony Nelson! But of course Steve Fletcher is a true cult hero to me and a true servant to the club.

Who would complete your Top 3 AFCB legends and why?

1. Eddie Howe for keeping us up, and getting promoted within the next season with a transfer embargo.

2. Steve Fletcher for being an all round great guy and shows amazing passion every game he plays.

3. Brett Pitman, especially in my generation of watching Bournemouth, as even though he may have been a bit of a diva, I believe his goals were so vital to us.

The most memorable match seen at Dean Court?

Beating Grimsby 2-1 to reserve our status in the Football League a couple of seasons ago will always stay with me.

Best ever goal seen at Dean Court?

I cant choose! But in recent years, I really loved Liam Feeney’s volley against Brighton last season.

Favourite ever kit?

Really liked that light blue away kit around 2004….but I do love all our red and black stripe kits!

The best manager to have sat in the AFC Bournemouth hot seat?

Eddie Howe, as what he achieved was so great in those 2 seasons.

The best player to have come on loan to Dean Court?

Jermaine Defoe’s goal scoring record when down here was just amazing!

Worst player to have ever graced the lush green grass at Dean Court?

Blair Sturrock’s spell here was pretty dire…..

Funniest or most ridiculous moment at Dean Court?

That game against Brighton a couple of years ago were we scored right at the end when the Brighton keeper fell over was pretty funny!

Watch Brett Pitamn score a very late winner on a very wet night and laugh at the Brighton keeper

If your old enough to remember, The South End or The North Stand?

Unfortunately my following of the Cherries does not last that long, but I would love terracing back at Dean Court!

Who in your opinion is the best player in the current Cherries squad?

Really cant pick anyone right now, but Mathieu Baudry’s performance against Exeter recently was one of the best games I have ever seen a Bournemouth player have.

What are your thoughts on the current chairman?

He has done so much for us, which I am very grateful for, just needs to work on his PR skills!

Where do you see the club in five years time?

Hopefully a stable league one team, maybe even more if we can achieve it. But still would be very happy with the former.

If you won the EuroMillions how would you invest the cash in AFC Bournemouth?

Buy the ground back, get a fourth stand and give the rest to the manager to spend!

Who is/are the opponent/opponents that you can’t stand the sight of?

Notts County, just cant stand the way they play. Also cant stand Crawley because of their manager and Milton Keynes for obvious reasons!

A BIG THANKS to @ichbinsophie for her contribution

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