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Name: Leona

Age: 37

Twitter: @powerdroidgirl

Match count: 700

AFCB since: 1985

Seat: East Stand A45

What was the first match you attended and how old were you?

It was in the old Div 2, Stoke city at home. I was 15.

Who would be your first inductee into the Cherries Hall of Fame?

It has to be Fletch. He only has to warm up on the touchline to lift the crowd and walk onto the pitch to lift the team. Legend doesn’t quite cover it.

Who would complete your Top 3 AFCB legends and why?

Limiting myself to those involved with the club during my time supporting so far,

1. Fletch, reason as above.

2. Harry Redknapp for taking the club higher than its ever been before. He also manages to keep mentioning us in important interviews (mostly on cup final day when Man Utd are mentioned!)

3. Willo. No Game is the same without his insights on Solent.

The most memorable match seen at Dean Court?

Shrewsbury May 2nd 1995. I got to the ground early to secure my ‘spot’ at the back of the South End. Patiently ripped up my daily echo to throw into the air when the teams took to the pitch. Got shuffled out of the way by people trying to jostle me out of my place which was met with ‘been standing here all season, where were you? MOVE!’. Then the game started & we were three nil up, which I have to admit was a bit of a blur, and the second half was a bit rubbish but it didn’t matter and I didn’t care much. Afcb were safe. We drove home afterwards the long way round beeping the car horn all the way (most people did didn’t they). Best night ever.

Best ever goal seen at Dean Court?

I’m still on a bit of a high after Scott Malone’s solo effort the other week.

Favourite ever kit?

90-92 A1 Windscreens. Both home and away kits were stunning and were even immortalised in Subuteo form (Okay it was Milan but still…)

The best manager to have sat in the AFC Bournemouth hot seat?

Harry. Although I question some of his players in.

The best player to have come on loan to Dean Court?

Defoe – Nuff said.

Worst player to have ever graced the lush green grass at Dean Court?

George Lawrence. The Chicken himself is one of those transfers of Harry R’s I would question. Seemingly on big money but not really worth it.

Funniest or most ridiculous moment at Dean Court?

Any time an opposition Manager throws his toys out of the dug out is always worth a sarky ‘ooooooOOOOOOoooooooo’

If your old enough to remember, The South End or The North Stand?

The South End, at the back, directly behind the clock leaning against the board.

Who in your opinion is the best player in the current Cherries squad?

Marc Pugh.

What are your thoughts on the current chairman?

I’m pro Mitchell. I enjoy going to bed without the threat of yet another winding up order hanging over the club and I like waking up in the morning knowing the club is still there. PR wise I think back in the spring he needed to understand that we live in a 24 hour-we-want-news-and-we-want-it-instantly era. He did figure that out then went too far the other way and alienating the local paper isn’t his cleverest idea. It’s potentially damaging to publicity and I’m sure there are far more casual fans who get the echo delivered through their door than casually flick through the official site for news.

It’s always important to remember that Chairmen, Managers & Players come and go. It’s only the fans, supporters and Supa Fletch that remain constant. Marmite Mitchell is okay… for now.

Where do you see the club in five years time?

I reckon we’re a yo yo club now (after a relatively stable time in the third tier) so either right here after a relegation & promotion or um, right here after a promotion & a relegation.

If you won the EuroMillions how would you invest the cash in AFC Bournemouth?

I don’t know what I could do to invest in the club after the Russian arrived so I think I’d invest it for the fans. Work with the club to ensure that any supporter wanting to travel away could go (even if it meant running a mini bus at a loss)’ things like that to take the strain off of the club. If it was one of those silly money big wins then buying back the stadium is the way to go.

Who is/are the opponent/opponents that you can’t stand the sight of?

Yeah. I can’t stand Crewe. I’ll never forgive them for their part in that game in 1994. I take issue with the way they positioned their managers ‘dugout’ on high. I just don’t like them. I’m sure their fans are lovely people though.

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