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Name: Martin Talbot

Age: 24

Twitter: @mtalbot2987

Match count: 200+

AFCB since: 1994

Seat: East Stand

What was the first match you attended and how old were you?

1 v 2 Leyton Orient (Loss) I was 7 years old and it was an apt introduction of what was to come

Who would be your first inductee into the Cherries Hall of Fame?

Has to be Big Fletch. His actions on and off the pitch have been great. Especially not running a mile when I talked to him in a bar once.

Who would complete your Top 3 AFCB legends and why?

Fletch for the reasons above.
Eddie Howe for pulling off a seemingly impossible job. Anyone who gets a team safe and then promoted the following season with no money and a transfer embargo has to be called a legend.
My 3rd choice would be the collective fans. As a group the cherries fans have kept the club going when it appeared that wouldn’t be the case. Plus the fact that through everything they always get behind the team.

The most memorable match seen at Dean Court?

I have a terrible memory so I’ll have to go for the recent game against Huddersfield in the Play-Off semi 1st leg. Dean Court was buzzing and we were one penalty away from beating a team that are at the time of writing 42 league games unbeaten. A really good performance that deserved a win.

Best ever goal seen at Dean Court?

I had to do some research for this one but the technique for it has always stuck in my mind. It has to be when Danny Hollands lobbed the keeper for the final goal against Boston in the FA Cup 06/07. Apparently it was 43.7 yards. Pure Class.

Favourite ever kit?

My first kit, the 94/95 Frizzell home shirt. Nice and simple red and black stripes. I’m so please we went back to stripes this season.

The best manager to have sat in the AFC Bournemouth hot seat?

It’s got to be Harry Redknapp. Everywhere he’s been (ignore scummers) he’s overachieved and got his teams playing great football as well. Hopefully one day he’ll do the same with England.

The best player to have come on loan to Dean Court?

The best player would be Rio Ferdinand. The best player whilst he was at afcb would be Defoe. His goal ratio was immense.

Worst player to have ever graced the lush green grass at Dean Court?

Probably (although I loved him at the time) “Chukki” Eribenne. Bless him, it didn’t matter how much we cheered him on, it always seemed like he was going backwards. Paul Telfer was also pretty diabolical when he came here. Surprising as he had been playing Champions League football the year before.

Funniest or most ridiculous moment at Dean Court?

Me tripping over during the pitch invasion v Grimsby when we stayed up. I don’t think anyone noticed.

If your old enough to remember, The South End or The North Stand?

I can’t remember, I would ask my Dad but he’s starting to forget who I am, let alone where we stood.

Who in your opinion is the best player in the current Cherries squad?

Wes Thomas, goal scorer we desperately needed to replace the 50 we sold last season.

What are your thoughts on the current chairman?

If he had kept his mouth shut I think most of us would only have praise for him. They say actions speak louder than words but I’m not sure if that’s true when Mitchell has got a microphone in his hand.

Where do you see the club in five years time?

A stable league one club in and out of the play-off spots. Championship if we luck out through the play-offs.

If you won the EuroMillions how would you invest the cash in AFC Bournemouth?

Probably buy enough shares in Structadene to control it, give the ground back to AFCB and sack their spokesperson. Change the picture of Fletch on the North Stand to give him the angry face he had when he scored in the play-off final. Build the 4th end  then try and get as many AFCB alumni still playing at a higher level to come back to the club to form an AFCB all stars team, including Chukki so that we can throw him on once Defoe has got 5 goals.

Who is/are the opponent/opponents that you can’t stand the sight of?

Brentford and not just because they’ve just battered us. We always lose/draw in really poor games whenever I go to see them + I don’t like their ground.

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