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Name: Tony Maycock

Age: 40

Twitter: @FatBlerk

Match count: 250

Seat: NS K9


What was the first match you attended and how old were you?

It was a pre-season friendly v Spurs, I think in 1978. That would have made me 7.

Who would be your first inductee into the Cherries Hall of Fame?

No Brainer, Fletch.

Who would complete your Top 3 AFCB legends and why?

Fletch for having perservered at the start, tried so hard, returning to play here and helping save our league status, and being an all round top guy.

Eddie Howe for what he gave us on the pitch, off the pitch and for 2 seasons of some of the best football I have seen at DC.

Sean O’Driscoll for being a great servant on the pitch, in all capacities off the pitch, and that goal against Middlesbrough.

The most memorable match seen at Dean Court?

AFCB 2 – 0 Man Utd.

Best ever goal seen at Dean Court?

So many to choose from, but I think the Pitman volley v Burton edges it.

Relive this absolute stunner of a goal. Average game, greatest goal? Starts at 1m 30s

Favourite ever kit?

White away top circa 2003(?) Sewards sponsored kit, always wear it. New 3rd kit is nice too though.

The best manager to have sat in the AFC Bournemouth hot seat?

Eddie Howe, achieved so much in such a short time.

The best player to have come on loan to Dean Court?

Jermaine Defoe

Worst player to have ever graced the lush green grass at Dean Court?

Roger Boli for the complete lack of passion and minutes in a DC shirt. Joe Sheerin is pretty close though.

Funniest or most ridiculous moment at Dean Court?

Cup game v Doncaster. The pitch was like a swimming pool after it had been raining for ages. The ball was running out on the main stand side. Gaz O’Connor put his foot on it as two Doncaster players literally swam off the pitch trying to stop him.

If your old enough to remember, The South End or The North Stand?

South End, you can’t beat terracing, and Tuesday nights were so much better then.

Who in your opinion is the best player in the current Cherries squad?

Shaun Macdonald.

What are your thoughts on the current chairman?

Jekyll and Hyde. So much has been acheived at the club under his tenure, but the poor communication with the fans (which to be fair seems to be improving), and on field antics have, IMO, been disgraceful.

Where do you see the club in five years time?

That ultimately depends on whether the Russian take over happens. If it does, I see us in the Championship. If it doesn’t comfortably in League 1.

If you won the EuroMillions how would you invest the cash in AFC Bournemouth?

Buy the ground back and complete it – 4th stand and corners. Training pitch etc. And a bit for the manager to build a league winning team.

Who is/are the opponent/opponents that you can’t stand the sight of?

Notts County – I can’t stand the fact that Lee Hughes plays for them, and Martin Allen manages them. I loathe Lee Hughes for his behaviour after what he has done, and I dislike Martin Allen for the actions that got Younger sent off against Brentford whilst Derek Holmes was lying prostrate after getting elbowed.

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