AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Cigarettes & Alcohol (and kebabs, burgers and Pot Noodle)

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It was another quiet night in for Cherry Bear

Jimmy Quinn has issued a stern warning to his players after receiving allegations that there is a drinking culture at the club.

He told the Daily Echo “If players are going out drinking and drawing attention to themselves, you’re a footballer 24 hours a days these days unfortunately and we’re supposed to be athletes, so the less alcohol we drink the better it is and the fitter you are. So I will not condone that at all. If I found out that any of my players were out and they were drinking and I get wind of it then there will be severe consequences. We’re in a fitness business where results are paramount, particularly with the position we’re in”.

Darren Anderton is apparently partial to the odd brew or two, but obviously being an ex-England International and being better off than most League Two players, he is often to be found in the Canford Cliffs area. Warren Cummings isn’t shy of a swift beer and apparently he likes the odd fag too. Throw in Shaun ‘Ronald MacDonald’ Cooper, Ryan ‘Kentucky Fried’ Garry and Brett ‘Pot Noodle’ Pitman and you have a force to be reckoned with.

However, football players being football players they are easily led astray and I have been informed (not reliably) that the instigator of the best piss-ups is Mr Cherry Bear himself. That’s why why he’s always got a big bear head on his shoulders.

Come on you bunch of overweight losers, get your arse in gear and get us out of this ridiculous predicament.

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