EDDIE FOR ENGLAND: The stats that make him number one

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Eddie Howe – England manager. Surely this is too preposterous to even consider.

AFC Bournemouth fans know that Eddie Howe will one day move on to greater glory (Is there such a thing? Surely not). But, now is not the time for him to jump ship and taint his growing reputation.

Many outside of AFC Bournemouth would consider Eddie Howe as the wrong, and not for the same selfish reasons as Cherries fans, choice. He lacks experience, but conversely he doesn’t lack the qualities to be successful. He is thorough in his preparation, he has a ‘system’ that works and he is a great man manager. Experienced heads that have played under more established coaches have pointed out that Eddie Howe is the best manager they have worked with.

If we look at the stats from Oulala.com, Eddie Howe has the best win ratio of all the contenders for the England job. So, it’s pretty simple, give him the job. But, as we all know stats can mean very little. The majority of Howe’s wins have come in the lower leagues of English football. Not the heady heights of the Premier League or any other top league in the world.


There are plenty of plus points, but it’s too soon for him to make the leap. That’s exactly what he told us when I met him at the petrol station the other day, honest.

He undoubtedly has a bright future, either in club football or international football. And, speculation is all well and good but what does the man want himself. We are sure he has a plan already mapped out and England will be in that plan. If England really does want/need him then perhaps the FA should bring him onboard in the near future and groom him for the top job.


Who do we think should be England manager? Before we reveal our thoughts it doesn’t matter what we think, it’s not up to us. And, whoever gets the job there will always be the dissenters and moaners. There is no perfect candidate.

How about Sam Allardyce? We have tried expensive foreign coaches and experienced English coaches that fit the FA personality test. How about an England side that can defend? It might be boring, but losing to Iceland doesn’t come high in the excitement stakes. Let the disagreements begin.

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