EDDIE HOWE is looking for a new job. Forget the Premier League. How about England?

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Eddie Howe is no longer the golden boy at AFC Bournemouth. He will be loved and revered forever at Dean Court, but he is no longer ours. Sad face. In fact he’s not the golden boy anywhere at present, apart from at home maybe, ‘cause he is getting to spend quality time with his family. But, once he has rested up, regrouped and reinvigorated himself, he will be ready for a new challenge. But where will that challenge be?

The obvious choice for many is the Premier League, but realistically, where would he go?? West Ham, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa have all been mentioned in the media, but this is all pure speculation. How about Burnley, Newcastle, Everton or even Southampton? All these options seem unlikely at present. Could he head back to AFC Bournemouth to rescue us once again? Again, seems unlikely, more like wishful thinking.

“Could he head back to AFC Bournemouth to rescue us once again?”

A top six team doesn’t look like a realistic option currently. None of them opted to take a chance on him when he was at the peak of his powers. And, now he has a relegation on his CV – and suggestions that he struggles to work with more established bigger name players – surely his future lies elsewhere.


Any manager who wants to get away from the pressures of the Premier League and the British press there is always the option of looking abroad. As a young novice Premier League manager, Eddie Howe, decided that he needed to learn, and learn fast. He spent time with Brendan Rogers when he was at Swansea, “I was a really young coach at the time and to see him at work was educating and was very important for me in my development”.

Ex-Empoli and Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri

Eddie Howe watched Maurizio Sarri at Empoli

He then went to Spain to watch Ernesto Valverde prepare his Athletic Bilbao team, before visiting Italy to watch some of Serie A’s creative managerial minds at work. He spent time at Fiorentina, then managed by Vincenzo Montella, and Empoli who were overseen by ex-Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri. So moving abroad could fit neatly with his thirst to learn and grow as a manager.


Back in 2016 before Gareth Southgate got the top job in English football, Eddie Howe’s name was being bandied about as a future England manager. Was he ready? Did he have the experience? No. Seven years in lower league management and one in the top league in the world meant he wasn’t ready. But as he told Four Four Two in 2019 “I consider myself a training ground manager, so I don’t think it would be for me in the short term, if I was offered the job. In the longer term, though, who knows?

“The England U21s role almost seems like the perfect fit for Howe”

Heading into the 20/21 season, and with no job, is it time to start thinking big? He’s not ready to replace Gareth Southgate, but how about taking over the reins from Aidy Boothroyd? Obviously when the position becomes available. The England U21s role almost seems like the perfect fit for Howe. And, it’s a pathway to one day becoming the manager of the England football team. His ability to work with young talented players and improve them, is surely something that England wants and needs.

Gareth Southgate took over the England U21s when he was 43 and was made England manager when he was 46. Eddie Howe is 42. With his Premier League experience and three, four, five years in a junior England role, he could be ready for a crack at the top job. And he would still be young enough – when he leaves/gets sacked – to come back to club management and take AFC Bournemouth back to the glory days.

Only Eddie Howe will know what happens next for him? But we think a future England manager is still on the cards.

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