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The return of Eddie Howe has been greeted with almost religious-like zeal, ‘The Messiah’ has returned.

There is no doubt that he saved the club when they needed it most. But, success breeds ambition and it didn’t take long for Eddie Howe to take one of the many opportunities presented to him. The terms of his departure still wrangle with us at TFTSE Towers and he has never been fully forgiven.

“The next time he goes it will be a quick peck on the cheek and see you later.”

There is no doubt that Eddie Howe should have stayed longer the first time he was in charge of the club. He was young, successful and he was destined for better things, but in our opinion he jumped ship far too soon. Another season at the helm would have suited both him and the club.

Now he is on his way back what are the fans going to expect. The style of football will surely change the man has enough talent at his disposal to still mount a challenge for the play-offs and there is the January transfer window to come. In fact, it doesn’t matter what he serves up as it can only be better that the complete clueless dross that Mr Paul Groves subjected us to. How quickly can he turn around the fortunes of the club?

How will the appointment of Eddie Howe pan out over the next few months and years? The vast majority of fans will expect exactly the same level of success as before, but with a little added extra of course, promotion to the Championship. If this happens it is almost certain that the same set of circumstances will appear sooner rather than later. He will once again realise he is a talented young manager, and a little wiser, a little older and a little more experienced and he will be off again. The fans will once again be begging and pleading with him to stay and left in limbo as the encounter drags on. We are not prepared to put ourselves through that again. The next time he goes it will be a quick peck on the cheek and see you later.

We welcome him back with open arms, but we cannot say we are as #gayforeddie anymore.

THE MESSIAH by @wyxeboy

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