Eddie Mitchell, we love you

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What's not to like?


The title is ironic, just in case you don’t get it. We are no big fans of Mr Eddie Mitchell, but it
is getting tedious and boring hearing about how he is asset stripping the club
and will eventually bail out and leave us in the shit.

This may well turn out to be true, but a lot has been said by a lot of people and we do not see anyone coming up with any hard facts to back up the accusations. Perhaps, he should be
burnt at the stake for being a witch, because some uninformed, nameless no-one says so.

People believe what they want to believe, they make assumptions to fit their point of view. Thank
f**k that that these people are not running the club, or if they were some other uninformed, nameless entity could start making assumptions about them that are completely unfounded.

It is worth remembering that Mr Eddie Mitchell saved the club from possible extinction and has put in a lot of time and effort putting the club on the right footing, ie not splashing the cash on players we can’t afford with wages we cannot afford. It is also worth remembering that he is in control and as such the club is an asset of his, which entitles him to run it how he wants.

To all the vast majority of complainers, moaners and Mitchell haters, What do you do for the
club? Turn up, buy a ticket, watch the game and go home and wait for the next game. If you don’t like what’s happening why don’t you do something about it and invest more than just match time in the club you and us love.

Tell us what you think of Mr Mitchell, everyone seems to have an opinion.

Here’s a few, well one, concise opinion. Give us more…

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