EVERTON 6 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 3: New formation, same old defending and back to three

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It’s back to the game of threes. We thought that we had got past the magic number, but Lukaku was simply on fire and we couldn’t cope.

Before we go into meltdown and relegate AFC Bournemouth before we are even in the bottom three, let’s remember this was never going to be an easy game. AFC Bournemouth at their best would have struggled to beat an Everton side at their best at Goodison. We weren’t at our best and while we made it easy for Everton, they had two players on the pitch who were simply irresistible, Lukaku and Barkley.

We like to look for the positives. Take out a lucky second, some pub team defending for the third and a sixth that only came from trying to force a ridiculously unlikely comeback and we would have drawn 3-3. Or we will only look at the second half and again a 3-3 draw. Shame it didn’t happen like that in real life.


The injury to Callum Wilson is undoubtedly a blow for AFC Bournemouth, but not a big a loss as it might seem. He’s been struggling to get in the team and he’s not exactly setting the world alight in goal-scoring terms. The alternatives, who were both playing better than Wilson before his injury are King and Afobe. Out of those two, I would take King as the lone striker. He has the pace, strength and finish to score goals. Play him in the right position and feed him the right balls and he will produce the goods.


Injuries to key defenders forced Eddie Howe’s hand a little, but was a change of system the answer? Obviously not. When things are not going right on the pitch and confidence is low, the obvious solution is to try and shake things up. Typically, this means the manager will swap players around and in more difficult circumstances change the formation. We are not Chelsea and 3-5-2 didn’t work. Why Howe changed it I don’t know. Inevitably it was back to a 4-4-2 and a much improved performance, but once again it was too late.


A change of of system breeds unfamiliarity and the back three in the first half looked like strangers. Lukaku was loving it. It’s nothing new, we are shipping goals at an alarming rate and the question is how do we resolve the issue. We’re not interested in hearing the moaners go on about how we should have signed a decent centre-back. We should have, but we didn’t, so let’s get on with what we have. Just don’t make any stupid mistakes. Yes Mr Francis I ‘m talking to you.



Seriously, the man doesn’t have a clue what’s he doing. Of course, he doesn’t, every manager takes an average team from League Two to the Premier League. Let’s get some perspective on the matter, Eddie Howe is a very good manger. Was everyone calling him sh*t when we were beating Bolton 3-0 to get to the Premier League? I can’t remember, but what I can remember is thinking what a f**king useless tw*t he was when I was crying tears of joy at Charlton.
He can’t live on past glories, but take a look at his record. Every manager goes through rough patches, remember the fans were calling for Conte to be sacked not long ago. Give the man a chance and hopefully he will come good. If he doesn’t should we sack him? I’m sure there are loads of great managers queuing up to manage AFC Bournemouth.


Tyrone Mings is struggling to show how good we think he can be. He is a left-back and every game he has played this season he has been played out of position. Why not play him in position, which we thought would have been the case against Everton. But, Howe decided to go with a back three. He was on the left but not in a back four. We want to see him play at left-back in a back four for three or four games and then we will judge him properly.


Seen plenty of concerned AFC Bournemouth fans having a good old moan about our precarious position. How we are heading towards a relegation dogfight. But, I don’t see many coming up with constructive answers. Wonder if Eddie Howe sits at home thinking ‘if only’ so and so was fit. He might briefly but then he thinks how can I get the best out of what we have. We might not have signed anyone but f**king moaning about it won’t help us win games. Howe has to come up with solutions and currently it’s not going well. We think a back four is the answer and with the players we have, Francis on the right, Cook and Surman in the centre and Mings or Brad Smith on the left. These can be protected by Gosling and Arter and we will have an attacking front four. It’s easy this management lark 🙂

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