F**k Kaka, F**k Chelsea and F**k Real Madrid

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  Kaka is rumoured to be on his way to Real Madrid for some ridiculous transfer fee in excess of £50m.

Chelsea has made a last ditch attempt to bring him to the club, a fee rumoured to be around £73.5m. It’s irrelevant if any of these rumours are true, it’s just the ridiculous amounts of cash clubs are prepared to pay to get there man.

So, what’s this got to do with AFC Bournemouth? Very little unfortunately, but it seems that while the Premier League starts to disappear up its own arse, the other 72 league clubs are long forgotten. The Cherries, Luton, Rotherham, Darlington, Chester are all clubs that have gone into administration with debts that seem pitiful against Premiership transfer fees and players wages.

Without the lower leagues propping up its more illustrious counterparts the game will slowly die a death. If AFC Bournemouth go into liquidation, who will I support? No-one. I’ll be resigned to watching football on TV with two teams that I don’t really care about.

So, it’s about time that some of the big spenders in the upper echelons started thinking of the other 72 teams in the league. Where are the English Premiership stars of the future going to be nurtured? On the playing fields of some non-league no-hopers?

What is the answer? How about making a start by sharing the wealth. It’s scandalous that some Premiership players probably spend more on some ugly diamond encrusted watch than an AFC Bournemouth player earns in a year. Looks like Danny Hollands is on his way if his wages are not paid very soon. I’m sure some Premiership player could spend an extra night in this month and pays Danny’s wages for a month. Will they? Probably not? To f**cking self-centred, selfish, arrogant, stupid and often obnoxious. I hope they enjoy there success while many clubs that make up the very essence of British football slowly fall by the wayside.

Our support wont be heading to the Premiership it will be heading nowhere. Footballs fans cannot just change their allegiance on a whim. It takes years of hurt, anguish and occasional success to love a club. Will I have the pleasure of taking my children to the Fitness First to enjoy the true wonder of what I like to call real football? I truly hope so, and I hope that fans of all lower league teams will still have a team to support in the future.

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