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Thanks to the Football League and their distinct apathy for all things AFC Bournemouth related no new signings. At 3pm they gave EH 2 hours to find someone which he duly did but the paperwork wasn’t completed in time. Why?

We at TFTSE, along with many other fans, are really beginning to dislike the FL and their seemingly anti-AFCB stance. Eddie Howe called the FL’s decision to block the Dumbuya deal a “little harsh”. Good job he’s a polite young man.

What confuses us at TFTSE is why did an emergency loan signing have to be completed by 5pm.

We have been trying to find out what the rules are regarding transfers and this is what we found.

Clubs in the Football League can sign players on loan outside of the transfer windows, following a seven-day period after the transfer window closes.

Outside of the transfer windows, any club may still sign players on an emergency basis (such as if they had no goalkeepers available) with the permission of their competition’s governing body, ie the Premier League.

Not sure how accurate these rules are but all point to the fact that that we should still have been able to sign Dumbuya.

I cannot begin to describe my contempt for the Footbal League, they seem like a bunch of useless, clueless, antediluvian dinosaurs with their own agenda. It’s 2010 not the f**cking 70’s.

Did not the FL state that the transfer embargo would only be lifted when all debts had been paid. So does this mean that the Cherries are the only team in the Football League that has outstanding debts?

One rule for us and another rule for anyone else, if the FL like them.

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