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Calls for Paul Groves to get the sack is a no-brainer in our book, but will removing the man from the hot seat solve the current crisis?

It’s easy for us, and probably you, to stand up at a game and shout Groves Out, or take to twitter, whack on a #GrovesOut hastag and use the remaining 129 characters character to tell everyone how crap he is.

We are sure that getting rid of the manager is not as simple as Eddie Mitchell popping around Paul Groves house for tea and handing him his P45. It should be, but it’s going to be far more complicated than that. For starters, PG has a contract with club, three years wasn’t it? He’s only three or four month’s into that contract, so it could be an expensive bout of gardening leave. The alternative could be to send him back to the reserves. However, the money shouldn’t be a consideration, if the teams current form continues, the gates will dwindle and even more money will be lost.

Getting rid of the manager is not as simple as Eddie Mitchell popping around Paul Groves house for tea and handing him his P45

If he does go, will all the back room staff he has taken on leave the club? Will the transition and settling in period for the new manager leave the team on an even poorer run of results. Will the new man want to build his own squad, with his own players. Its happened plenty of times before, but it all takes time. Can we wait another season for promotion? Or, more to the point can Mr Maxim Denim?

There is no doubt that we have a squad capable of getting promotion, so any action taken needs to be swift and decisive before its too late.

If he does go, the first question on our lips is, Who will replace him? Every team needs a manager, and a good one at that. There is no point replacing a poor manager with a similarly useless addition. This will immediately divide opinion, whoever is suggested. And, the popular choice is not always going to get the job, Harry Redknap and England anyone. Now seems as likely as Harry Redknapp and AFC Bournemouth PTII.

Steve Cotterill is a name that has already been mentioned, but a quick straw poll among fellow supporters that we know saw a few descenters. No, no, no, he’s a long ball merchant, it will be back to the bad old days of Jimmy Quinn Hoofball. The alternative view could be that he has plenty of experience in coming into a club and turning around its fortunes. Already, this perfectly demonstrates the problem at hand.

And, as always, its not a democracy, or even a popularity contest. The fans don’t get to choose if the manager stays or goes. The fans don’t get to choose the new manager, Mr Eddie Mitchell and associates will make that decision. Let’s just hope they make the right one this time.

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