LEAGUE TWO SALARIES: Is there a wage cap? Ask Notts County

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As a Bournemouth fan the signing of Sol Campbell grates a little. Not because we cannot afford to buy and pay a world class defender, (wish we could). No, the reason being that there seems to be one rule for one… club and another for others.

I do believe that a League Two clubs wage bill is supposed to be 60% of the club’s turnover, not what their owner is worth.  A ruling that has obviously not be adhered to with the signing of Campbell. Before joining County he was on the lookout for around £60-90K a week in wages.

So, taking a conservative estimate lets say £50,000 a week, that’s £200K a month and around £2.5m a year. Forgettting any other wages at the club that means that Notts County need at least a turnover of nearly £4m for the season to adhere to the 60% rule. With average attendances of 5-6000 seems their turnover is going to struggle to match up with their wage bill.

AFC Bournemouth doesn’t have a rich owner, so perhaps we have to stick to the rules. We might even get the transfer embargo lifted if we are good boys.

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