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Everyone’s got an opinion on Mr Mitchell and we at TFTSE are no different to the rest. What can we say about our chairman that hasn’t already been said? Very little, but as we have said before being the chairman of a football club is not a popularity contest or a democracy. We, the fans, don’t get to vote in who we want and the chances are whoever takes on the job is never going to be popular.

Before the club sold off it’s on the field prized assets (do we have any other type?) very few cared about the current chairman. But as soon as things started to go wrong he was the first to be blamed. But, why did Hollands, Pearce, Wiggins, Smith, Feeney, Robinson, Bartley and Ings all leave? Probably, because the club had reached a point where it’s carefully assembled squad realised that they were too good, or thought they were too good for League One and better opportunities lay elsewhere. Strange though, they couldn’t manage to get us out of League One. It could be that they didn’t like the chairman, but it’s hardly a players place to start looking beyond the team. I’m sure that most people give little credence to bosses beyond their immediate superiors.

The club got a good, or at least reasonable deal, for every player that left and made a tidy profit. So, apart from Mitchell’s gormless big gob, the only real problem we can see is lack of transparency. Where has the money gone? We would make the assumption that it has paid off a lot of debtors and paid for the acquisition of new players, but whatever has happened with the cash it would be good to know. The club still does not own the stadium, perhaps a fund is being put together to buy it back.

AFC Bournemouth hardly has a history of successful, forward-thinking chairman, perhaps the reason that Mr Mitchell is so unpopular (apart from his gormless big gob of course) is that he has finally put in a structure that matches the club finances, someone had to do it. But, if Mr Mitchell does sell his stake in the club, how soon before the new owners are ridiculed and reviled? Remember Sport 6? Jeff Mostyn? Steve Sly? Ken Gardiner? Welcomed with open arms, but not for long.

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