JOHN TERRY: What would he bring to AFC Bournemouth’s defence?

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The rumour that ex-England captain John Terry is coming to AFC Bournemouth is gathering pace.

After initially stating that he wanted to stay at Chelsea he seems to have had a change of heart. The media has reported that he is to meet Eddie Howe by the end of the week. This doesn’t mean he will be signing and let’s not forget he has a three match ban to serve. So even if he does sign he won’t be wearing the red and black stripes of the mighty Cherries straight off, when we need him most.


If Terry does sign he will be playing in central defence with Steve Cook. This means that when Francis is back in the team he will move back out to the right, once again leaving Adam Smith in limbo. Will Eddie Howe try and squeeze him into an unfamiliar position again and upset the balance of the team or will he have learnt his lesson and leave him on the bench.


If Terry does sign up for the duration what will he bring to AFC Bournemouth? A bit of subtle racism and sexism in the dressing room? A few dodgy deals? You might have guessed we are not big fans of the player, but we don’t decide who plays for the mighty AFCB, Eddie does and we trust his judgement (most of the time).

On the pitch he has a wealth of experience at the very highest level. He will undoubtedly add steel to our defence and give a lift to the whole club, like Jack Wilshire has.

Steve Cook will be the main beneficiary, Terry will be able to pass on his knowledge which may ultimately see him get an England call-up. What Terry doesn’t have is pace. Does this mean Steve Cook will get forward more, or stay back to accompany Terry and make sure we don’t get caught out at the back. How Eddie Howe deals with a big personality will be interesting. If all goes well, Eddie gets an experienced defender and a closer insight to football in the big-time and maybe his dream job, England.

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